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Joachim Andersen received death threats on social media following his clash with Darwin Nunez..

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Alex Howell

Joachim Andersen says he’s been sent 300-400 messages of abuse online after yesterdays match. He’s posted examples on his Instagram story. Some of them include death threats #CPFC.

Andersen Photo,Andersen Photo by Alex Howell,Alex Howell on twitter tweets Andersen Photo

Jim Lee

A quick sketch gift I did many years ago for the incomparable @spytle aka Jens Andersen—former Creative Director of the DC MMO game @dcuoofficial who I had the good fortune of working with on this project for 4+ years..

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If you’re sending abuse and death threats to Joachim Andersen because he did what he did to help his team get a result against us, then you’re not a football fan and a absolute disgrace. End of the day it’s a game of football and should NEVER go beyond it..


“Madrid es como una ciudad museo de los años 50.” 😅 Mikael Colville-Andersen, experto en movilidad urbana, en El País..

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Hah? Andersen layak dapet ancaman? Bentar, logika kami gak masuk sama kalimat lo.


No me importa lo que los conductores crean, porque lo importante es salvar vidas, mejorar las ciudades y luchar contra el cambio climático. No hay que escuchar a los conductores. Las ciudades son nuestras, no suyas. Y sabemos cómo hacerlas mejores.


Andersen nächstes Jahr 100% beim Top 4 Club in der PL. Alleine seine Diagonalbälle sind krank.

UN Biodiversity

‘This is not wishful thinking. The benefits of land restoration are visible now.’ As #GenerationRestoration continues, @andersen_inger and @ibrahimthiaw show that harnessing the power of land is vital #ForNature, climate and people..

Andrés Lacouture

Andersen lo fue manejando hasta que lo sacó de quicio. Darwin aprenderá de eso. Gran video y musicalización, @fedesampayo.

Gabriel Quirici

Un provocador y todavía se las da de moralista… Darwin va aprender y mejorar, Andersen en cambio, será un mañero cada vez mas torpe.



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Yasmin Ali

Hay que seguir a Andersen. Jugador vivo, entendió todo de cómo es la Premier..

John Russell - MontanaMade

Scouts all came to Bozeman to see Troy Andersen (drafted by Atlanta rd 2) – but found 6 other Bobcats 👀 to take to the league, Rams found 2 – Lance turning heads game 1 & in camp.

Mikeshashimi | 🐍

@TheRedmenTV Not gonna lie, the headbutt was stupid and probably cost us the game. But the reaction by Andersen is hilarious..

Josh 🧣

Deffo a red for Nunez no question but that Andersen was acting the big man all game an the 2 times Nunez reacted to it he went down like he’d been shot rolling round on the floor. Would hate to see one of our players acting like that even if they did get somebody sent off for it.


皮膚がつっぱり過ぎて、指が曲がらないくらい(無理矢理曲げたらひび割れる)だったのに、今日は柔らかくなってて、皮膚の下の方に新しい皮膚もできてきた。 これなら休み中には治りそう。.




#PNDKR22 🇩🇰 – Our picks for Stage 2 ⭐⭐⭐ G. Thomas – S. Kragh Andersen
⭐⭐ Laporte – Sheffield
⭐ Price-Pejtersen – Skjelmose Jensen.

Daniel Childs

How can you blame Nunez? Andersen was clearly at fault for standing in his way..


@TheLeftwaffe Look, we all have different views on things after a game, but if you’re doubting this was a red card it’s nuts. He shouts and waves his arms at Tierney, Tierney looks straight at him, then he shoves his head into Andersen. One of the most straightforward red cards you’ll see..


Darwin Nunez has time to learn from red card in Liverpool draw – Jurgen Klopp.

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Sam Tabuteau

Joachim Andersen is an absolute gem of a defender, finally getting the recognition he deserves. Matip type glow up incoming..


La próxima Acostalo @Darwinn99, insólito como Darwin se comió una expulsión 🛑 pero Joachim Andersen, jugador del Crystal Palace quien venía provocando a Darwin desde inicios del partido no fue concedido ni con una tarjeta amarilla…Inaceptable, vamos Darwin! 💪💪💪.

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Captain Agniveer

Not exactly like this, but Andersen tried to get in Gabriel Jesus’s head during the opener too with the constant pushing and nudging during headers. Gabi did not respond.


Vivere non è abbastanza, disse la farfalla, uno deve avere il sole, la libertà, ed un piccolo fiore.
H. C. Andersen #PensieriLeggeri #SalaLettura Henri Matisse.

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MIRO WakwaSlaughter

@MaddockMirror What shit are you right look at the Fucken video, Nunez looks at Andersen and goes for the head but.

Gøøner Phil

@ClarkJamesYNWA @Gunner10114 Hate to say it but that’s a great performance from Andersen. Darwin was completely mugged off..

Liverpool actu France

Darwin vs Andersen (le fond sonore n’était pas nécessaire). 😒 Núñez doit être plus malin, face aux meilleurs défenseurs de PL ça ne passera pas. Avec ses 3 matchs de suspension il va se prendre un bon rappel à l’ordre de Klopp, il retiendra la leçon..

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