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Wake me up as many times in the midnight as you want with the Amber Alert, if a missing child can reach their parents fine..


canada really be wilding in 2022. not only are y’all trying to commit treason but all of y’all are complaining over an AMBER ALERT. where are your priorities seriously.

Hamilton Spectator

#Update: Stratford Police Service confirmed the 11-year-old girl was found with the assistance of Ontario Provincial Police and York Regional Police..

B. McD

@SPSmediaoffice @BarriePolice You sent out what appears to be a needless Amber Alert. If you want to gain the trust and acceptance of the public, there better be a follow up explanation Folks are getting fed up with the noisy intrusion & are treating it like a pesky car alarm down the street.


@ma0chat Amber Alertは小さい子供の拉致などの緊急の時に一斉にテキストがきて、情報呼び掛けのために使われてます!.


@ma0chat よくあるのは離婚した片親が子供連れ去ったりとかが結構多いですね🤔
意外となる時はAmber alertなりますよ、急にみんなのケータイ鳴るからびっくりしますよね👀.

Hven Richardson

@13NewsNow So you mean to tell me that this little girl been missing since last week and nobody issued an amber alert?? Ok.


#πατρα Amber Alert: Προσεχετε ενα σπανιο σπανιοτατο γονιδιο κυκλοφορει εκει εξω στη #πατρα.

Jai C 🏳️‍🌈 (she/her)

@SmellyFishtank @ChanceTheN4pper I am in British Columbia. Have been born and raised Canadian for 49 years and had a cell phone of some kind for half of that time. I have lived BC AB MB and and NEVER ONCE had an amber alert!!!!.

Kinthulhu ☯ in USA

@washingtonpost Can we broadcast this nation-wide, or like Amber Alert? so we each at least glance at it to instantly get called out by the judge saying, Your beliefs do not make something true. Just because you claim to think something is true does not make it true. It does not protect you..


@SPSmediaoffice This is the post that should be used every time one of these losers on here complain about an Amber alert.

Tiger Scruff

@Krista7514 Repulsive to wish death on a little girl because of an amber alert. Something is seriously wrong with that person..

Regular Joe

@RealMushreem you are a fuckin piece of shit for that tweet this afternoon about the amber alert. HELL is waiting for you..

Philip Wood

@ScottFoxonair I got the amber alert, just said 11 year old girl and name from Stratford. No description of the girl..

tessa purdy

@Ottawaherenow @SPSmediaoffice It was a provincial wide amber alert. That’s why you were getting the alert.

Paul Antony Sparrow (a.k.a Captain Jack)

Amber UK horse racing due a big priced winner above BSP #justsaying.

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2. Stratford – 100K+ searches! 🕵️ 🇨🇦 📰 Related:.


An 11-year-old girl missing from Stratford, Ont. has been found safe..

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UPDATE: Police say 11-year-old Emily Lerch has been found safe..

Dar513 🇨🇦🇺🇲🇬🇧

@waterloosuze I just saw this on the news yesterday, while I was watching the Amber Alert. Heartbreaking . RIP little Angel.

Henry Troup

@SPSmediaoffice Good that she is safe, so time to stop using the name of a minor child in your tweets. The child in the Amber .

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4. Stratford – 100K+ searches! 🕵️ 🇨🇦 📰 Related:.

Die Sonne

@RCMPONT @FBI Any chance of finding these disgusting degenerates and bringing them a little taste of good old police work? Wishing death on children because of an amber alert!.

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Many unknowns, but Emily Lerch has been found. Article by ⁦@BeaconGalen⁩:.

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11-year-old girl found safe, ending Amber Alert.

Alex Tao

平时amber alert都挺吵的

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