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Oliver Darcy

Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis is directly speaking to Alex Jones, who is now in the courtroom, as she testifies on the stand. Jesse was real, Lewis tells Jones. I am a real mom. She says she wanted to tell Jones this to his face..

Jon Cooper

NEW: Alex Jones will face a jury this week in his defamation trial, which will determine how much he’ll have to pay the parents of a child killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting massacre after he spent years peddling lies that it never happened..


Alex Jones precedent means if you don’t accept the Vegas shooting explanation, then FBI agents can sue you because you’re calling them liars by implication. Conservative media doesn’t seem to care. They aren’t saying a word on the due process violations in Jones case..

Charlie Sykes

Sandy Hook Parents to Testify Against Alex Jones, and a Culture of Lies. Good..

Sebastian Murdock

I’m at the Travis County Courthouse for opening statements in the trial of Alex Jones, who will have to pay up after spending years telling lies about the Sandy Hook school shooting. Stick around for updates..

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Greg Meggs

Top story: Sandy Hook Parents to Testify Against Alex Jones, and a Culture of Lies , see more.

John FitzGerald

The lawsuits do not ask jurors to award a specific dollar amount against Jones. But in questioning the jury pool on Monday, attorneys for the families suggested they could seek $100 million or more in compensatory and punitive damages..


@TonyHussein4 This man is just awful.
Sandy Hook plaintiffs deserve every penny this man has hidden away..


To Alex Jones : if you stand up at Speakers Corner Hyde Park in London and incite violence or breach of the peace, you get arrested.

Your Middle Aged Star Trek Dad.

@pattonoswalt Alex Jones is the worst kind of media lowlife. He contributes nothing to society, he pits people against each other, and then tries to weasel out of his grotesque statements. They should put him in a room with pictures of the victims. He needs to see what his lies hath brought..

Alex Jones Photo,Alex Jones Photo by Your Middle Aged Star Trek Dad.,Your Middle Aged Star Trek Dad. on twitter tweets Alex Jones Photo

Lenny Dykstra

The justice system is a joke (including that leftist schmuck judge who made up law in my defamation suit against Jussie Darling).

EldritchScreamQueen, Minister,ULC 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦💙

@chipfranklin I don’t know how Alex Jones isn’t in a looney bin. That guy is 🦇💩 🥜!!!.

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus

Anyone who thinks Alex Jones is horrible likely thinks highly of Barack Obama, who started the Yemen war atrocity and killed scores of innocents directly, including up to 90% of drone strike casualties..

Zay Crescendo

@LePapillonBlu2 Alex Jones and scum of Joe Rogan are friends and lets him spread his rhetoric on his podcast..


@MollyJongFast Alex Jones. More evidence that in America being batshit crazy can be very profitable..

Fernando Oliver, Esq.

As Sandy Hook defamation trial begins, Alex Jones might be absent.


@nytpolitics @gtconway3d We can only hope the awards will indeed be ruinous to Alex Jones for all the pain he has inflicted on grieving parents!.


Alex Jones is no less evil for lying about Sandy Hook than the shooter himself was. The grief and harassment he caused the families as well as refusing to admit responsibility and calling himself “persecuted” shows just how evil he is. He and his current wife belong together.

Louisa ❤🤍💙🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Sandy Hook parents expected to ask for at least $100 million in damages as Alex Jones trial begins in Texas.

Mieke 🌻 ☮️

@GwenieThinks It would be nicer if Alex Jones would live in a jail cell, but under a bridge would be ok too.

Independent US

Why is Alex Jones being sued by families of children killed in Sandy Hook massacre?.

Andrew Bradford

Alex Jones Facing Financial Ruin As Sandy Hook Parents Seek Over $100 Million In Damages Today .


@washingtonpost @pjmooney Call that Alex Jones medical issue, the guilt and shame complex..


I had no idea the Alex Jones defamation trial was this week and now I am unreasonably excited. It’s not too often you get to see bad things happen to people who deserve it..


It took 20 long years but finally, finally the horseshoe of grifters/grifted has become a complete circle (ouroboros).
Alex Jones & Glenn Greenwald… I guess congrats are in order..

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Gucci Pain

@jimviufrst @socialistdogmom If every lawyer other than public defenders is required to behave with professionalism and decency, Alex Jones gets a public defender. Simple.

𝔸𝕝𝕠𝕙𝕒 𝔹𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕪 ♀🅰️

I hope those parents win astronomical damages and ruin Alex Jones’s life..

The Pug

Jury selection for Jones’s Connecticut trial will begin Tuesday, with the trial (Latest news at ).

Taylor Stenberg

Ties Between Alex Jones and Radio Network Show Economics of Misinformation – The Genesis Communications Network built a lucrative business alongside the radio host, whose show the.

Alex Jones Photo,Alex Jones Photo by Taylor Stenberg,Taylor Stenberg on twitter tweets Alex Jones Photo

Mark R. Yzaguirre

“…Jones stepped outside the courtroom to rant to reporters, calling it a “kangaroo court” and “show trial” that was an assault on the first amendment of the constitution.” So Alex Jones is implicitly attacking the judge in his trial?.

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