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The New York Times

An expansive new study based on 21 billion Facebook connections — about 84% of adults aged 25 to 44 — has uncovered a key to reducing poverty: more friendships between the rich and poor..

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Sally McManus

Grace is an aged care worker. She has to work two jobs to pay the bills and just can’t keep up with the rising cost of living as her pay is appalling. We need changes to our workplace laws to get wages moving & to properly respect & value workers like Grace.

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Merseyside Police

MISSING | Please share and help us find Leona Derbyshire, aged 15, who is missing from home in #Tranmere. She was last seen on Kirkland Avenue around today, 2/8. More 👉 If you see her or have any information, please DM @MerPolCC or 📞 101.

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Jasnah Kholin - 8964 - ACAB - 💉💉💉

this aged, & i cannot stress this enough, like fine, aged milk..

Times Sport

From fairway to My Way . . . former Open winner Penny Grice-Whittaker tells Jack Martin why she retired aged 34.


@kalani_Chen @Alex_Pozhidaeva Most people in the picture are aged, for they have experienced the period of Liberation War. They are the witnesses of history, while the younger generation are brain washed of so-called freedom. There is never issue of human rights in China mainland, especially in Xinjiang..

Stephanie Dalzell

#BREAKING Vulnerable children aged six months to five-years-old will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine from next month, after the federal government accepted a recommendation from its vaccine advisory group #auspol.

Wompty-Dompty-Dom Centre

With Vin Scully’s passing, the list of Surviving Brooklyn Dodgers has come down to 7 men: Tommy Brown (Aged 94)
Roger Craig (Aged 92)
Carl Erskine (Aged 95)
Jim Gentile (Aged 88)
Sandy Koufax (Aged 86)
Bobby Morgan (Aged 96)
Chris Haughey (Aged 96).


こんな感じでみんなのスーパーヒーローを説明してみたら、割と近いのが出てきた。ただ1枚目はどう考えてもおかしい。 A plump, middle-aged plumber in a red cap and jumpsuit, with a mustache in his mouth. he eats mushrooms #midjourney.

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Arthur Morgan

Another petition to lift the ban on the travel of men aged 18-60 outside of #Ukraine gained the necessary 25 thousand votes in 37 days, now Zelensky must consider it but he would never lift this ban! He needs the fresh meat.

Goole Town CC Women & Girls

We are proud of all 13 girls (aged 12- 16) who played at least 1 game from our 7 winning 5. Congrats to Leg Spinner Lauren for topping the league bowling with 9 wickets 👏 Well done batters Lois (181 runs), Emma (113) & Evie (75) all in the top 10 in the league. Well done All.

Wendy Puerto

@MouldyOldDoh It’s not a name used much , I was surprised to hear it . My eldest boy had his tonsils removed aged 7 but I don’t think they do this now.

BFBS Radio

Tributes have been pouring in for D-Day veteran Fred Lee, who volunteered to join the Royal Navy in 1943, aged 17. RIP Fred 💙 More 👉.

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Guiz 🍌{313}

This tweet has aged well ! I still own 2 of them 🐒 @MonkeDAO
@SolanaMBS #MonkeAnniversaryMonth.


@bunsenbernerbmd And by puppy, you mean any dog. I have already hugged and kissed my senior and middle-aged dogs more than once today ❤️💗❤️💗.

Kevin Harradine

@TroveAustralia @LibArchivesNT 2xG Grandfather David Harradine died in 1926 aged 80. Not 100 years old as reported by some papers..


DO NOT INTERACT: ageplay, scat/vomit play, race play, age play, incest , aged up accounts, underage fcs that you just ‘age up’, futa, racist / homophobic / transphobic people ETC.

Molly(Taylor’s Version)

This tweet aged well 😊😊😊 GET TO KEEP ALL THREE 🙌🏼.

Tom McIlroy

Health Minister Mark Butler says vulnerable kids aged six months to 5 years can have a COVID-19 vaccine shot from Sept 5. Children are eligible if they are immunocompromised, have a disability or complex health condition. About 70,000 people added to the rollout @FinancialReview.


— Account is strictly 18+, no minor muns / muses, fcs, NO AGED UP — Lewd based account meaning lewd rts / posts will happen — Det / Lit account.

None Gourd, Left Seed

Drinking with and listening to middle aged men who are in charge of you talk about anime is SURREAL.

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The Black Beer Baron

Drinking a Barrel-Aged Gammelhjärtad by @OldIrvingBeer @ Untappd at Home —.

JD Linderman 🦖

Drinking a Double Barrel-Aged Wild Sinister Kid by @trilliumbrewing -.

The London Pas

Only children aged 11-15 require the travel package – up to four under 11s can travel.

ian_no religion3jabs 💉💉💉& Loose Unit

@strangerous10 @GDixon1977 An eloquent, forthright & damning review of the former government’s abject abandonment of the Aged in care, & of the carers struggling on poverty pay rates & excessive workloads. This MP is already proving her worth as an elected representative, righting the wrongs. #JailColbeck.


@MFWitches @Olfella56 Electricity supply, broadband internet service, water supply, healthcare services, ndis support, aged care services, childcare, schools, higher education, unemployment services, roads..


@DavidJoffe64 @DrKate_Miller What Labor is doing is making the whole RC into Aged Care meaningless & worsening the now & the foreseeable future for residents & workers.
I’ve given testimony….. but honestly only actual action I have ever got is micro level with Police Detectives tasked in elder abuse..

Richard shockley

Paintings of aged men are interesting. It displays wisdom, experience and difficult times. My daughter knew I enjoyed these drawings/paintings and painted this for me..

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cj 🍂

• Shipping characters, actors are only present due to the need for a face claim
• No Ben or Harry
• Timestamps do not matter unless stated otherwise
• Characters are slightly aged up • Characters belong to Alice Oseman, as do the profiles pictures of some characters.

Guardian US sports

Vin Scully, Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster for 67 years, dies aged 94.

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