Make Afghani chicken like a restaurant sitting at home, even people who taste it will ask from where

Afgani Rooster Recipe: If you’re keen on consuming non-veg and wish to eat one thing at house for breakfast within the night, then do this tasty recipe of Afghani rooster. The specialty of this recipe is that it’s prepared in simply 30 minutes. This rooster recipe may also be served as a starter at a cocktail party. So let’s know how one can make Afghani rooster like a restaurant whereas sitting at house.

Elements for making Afghani rooster

-One pound (sliced) rooster
-1 tablespoon
-1 cup cashew nuts
-1 tbsp poppy seeds
-1 cup cream
-2 tbsp butter
-2 tsp black pepper powder
-5-6 small cardamom
-Customized salt

The way to make Afghani rooster

To make Afghani rooster, firstly grind the Magaz, cashew, poppy seeds, black pepper and cardamom collectively. After this, minimize the items of rooster from 2-Three locations. Marinate the remaining components within the rooster for five to six hours. Now grill this rooster within the oven or electrical oven till golden brown and serve sizzling.

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