If the rice is too melted while cooking, then this ‘Tips and Trick’ will relieve tension

Methods to Repair Soggy Rice: If a visitor goes to come back for lunch or dinner and the rice made in haste has change into like halwa resulting from overcooking, then depart the strain and impress the friends by adopting the following pointers and tips. Let’s know what these superb suggestions are.

Take assist of oven

If the rice has change into too moist or khichdi, then you possibly can prepare dinner the rice within the oven for five minutes to dry extra water. Maintain the oven temperature at 350 ° F (177 ° C). Unfold the rice evenly on a cookie sheet or baking pen. Allow them to prepare dinner within the oven for five minutes.


If the rice is overcooked and can’t be served, you possibly can simply make a really tasty dosa with the assistance of extra cooked rice by making a slight change in your meals menu. For this, initially, take the overcooked rice in a bowl and blend it with semolina and curd and preserve it apart for about 30 minutes to set it apart. After 30 minutes, add water as wanted to see the consistency of the answer. Then add a packet of eno and salt in it. Dosa batter is prepared. Now you may make crispy dosa by placing it on a non stick pan.

dessert –

If the rice is over cooked then you may make kheer, a candy dish served with them.

Rice Crackers

Unfold the rice as thinly as attainable on a baking sheet. Enable the rice to bake at 200 ° F (93 ° C) for two hours. As quickly as you are taking them out, break them into small items. Fry these items in a pan heated to 400 ° F (204 ° C). As quickly as your crackers are up, take them out with a spoon. Take away them on a paper towel earlier than serving.

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