Four more Zika cases, alert sounded in Kerala

With 4 extra infections reported on Tuesday, the variety of confirmed Zika virus circumstances in Kerala has now risen to 23 — all of the circumstances have been reported from Thiruvananthapuram.

Well being Minister Veena George mentioned an alert has been sounded throughout Kerala. She mentioned the virus spreads by means of the chunk of the Aedes mosquito and preventive steps can be boosted in districts corresponding to Thiruvananthapuram which reported many incidents of dengue in the previous couple of years. The spurt within the variety of dengue and chikungunya circumstances has additionally triggered concern as the identical mosquito spreads these viral infections.

Well being division sources mentioned vector management measures have been strengthened throughout the state and steps have been initiated to search out the supply of the an infection. At hospitals, fever circumstances can be subjected to a Zika virus check.

The minister mentioned pregnant ladies ought to take additional care. In case of an infection within the early stage of being pregnant, there’s a excessive likelihood of the newborn being born with a congenital defect of microcephaly (underdeveloped mind).

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