Excess of cardamom can make you a victim of these diseases, be cautious

Facet Results Of Cardamom: Whether or not to extend the aroma and taste of meals or to make use of it as a mouth freshener, the identify of small cardamom involves thoughts first. You need to have heard the advantages of consuming small cardamom until date, however are you aware that extreme consumption of it may additionally hurt your well being. Are you aware how?

Disadvantages of consuming small cardamom-


The human physique doesn’t totally digest cardamom. Consuming extra of this causes its seeds to assemble slowly and trigger stone within the cheek bladder. Consumption of cardamom could cause issues for many who have stones downside. Cardamom seeds can enhance the stone. Please seek the advice of your physician as soon as earlier than consuming it.

Pores and skin problem-

In case your pores and skin is extra delicate, then use it solely by asking your physician. If it doesn’t, it may trigger swelling and ache within the pores and skin. If the cardamom is consumed wrongly, it may trigger pores and skin allergy symptoms, stains and spots.

Allergic reactions-

If you’re allergic to cardamom, then keep away from consuming it, in any other case you might also have issues like issue in respiratory.

Cough and nausea –

Cardamom’s taste is chilly. Extreme consumption of it may trigger an individual to have cough issues.


Consuming extra cardamom also can result in miscarriage. Seek the advice of your physician earlier than consuming cardamom throughout being pregnant.


Consumption of cardamom in extra could cause issues reminiscent of nausea and vomiting.

-If you’re taking any form of medication, then solely cardamom must be consumed solely after the recommendation of the physician. It’s because the enzymes current in cardamom could react with the drug, which will be dangerous to well being.

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