Coronavirus: Here’s why women have a higher risk of long COVID than men

Previous research have proven that girls have a better prevalence of persistent ache and fatigue syndrome- each of the circumstances that are identified to have signs just like lengthy COVID, which might be one of many possible the explanation why ladies, proper now, are extra vulnerable.

Most significantly, consultants have detailed how most of those circumstances are related to extra activation of immune cells within the our bodies, which rapidly acknowledge even fragments of the pathogen, and immediate an immune response, and rarely launch cytokines that make us really feel unwell. This repeated stimulation and immune exercise might be an element that causes persistent ache, fatigue and different signs that are related to lengthy COVID and post-viral malaise. Girls have additionally been discovered to have greater IL-6 ranges than males.

Scientific research have additionally established that the majority circumstances of lengthy COVID had been in perimenopausal ladies, which may clarify why ladies between the ages of 40-60 have an exceptionally excessive danger.

Some small research have additionally established that lengthy COVID danger might be dangerous for girls who’ve predisposed circumstances or immunity-diminishing markers. Nonetheless, no concrete proof of the identical has been discovered but.

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