Alopashankari Temple: In this temple, the swing is given the status of a goddess, the fingers of the goddess Sati fell.

Shaktipeeth is an historic temple of Goddess Alopshankari in Prayagraj, a metropolis of faith and religion. This temple is known for its uniqueness and mythological recognition. Out of all of the 51 Shaktipeeths, that is the one Shaktipeeth the place the Goddess is current in formless kind. A swing is worshiped as a goddess.
The Alopashankari temple has neither an idol of the mom, nor a tangible type of any organ. Therefore its identify was Alopashankari. A platform is made within the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, in the course of which a swing hangs over a pool crammed with water. Worshiping and worshiping the identical cradle wrapped in pink chunari is taken into account as a goddess. On this distinctive temple of religion, numerous devotees go to Chaitra and Shardiya Navaratri for worship. They take water from the tank and put it on the cradle. Additionally, revolve across the cradle and search blessings from the Goddess.

Goddess Sati fell on her fingers

Mahanta Jamuna Giri of the temple stated that the fingers of Goddess Sati fell at this place. There was a backyard on the place the place the finger of the goddess fell. She vanished after falling a finger within the pool located within the backyard. It was solely after the disappearance of Sati’s limb that Shiva went to the Goddess realizing that he was calm and absorbed within the tomb.

Charity doesn’t disappear

In keeping with the Alopashankari supply, the fruits of the virtuous deeds earned from worship, penance, charity and so forth. carried out in Shaktipeeth Alopashankari are by no means misplaced. Therefore Devi is also called Alopi Devi together with Alopashankari. It’s also believed that each vow sought by tying Raksha Sutra in ft or palms within the temple is fulfilled.

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