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I am very much happy to see that our language is also getting respect over OTT platform #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by RAJU scheme wale,RAJU scheme wale on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Really excited to see the content of Marathi industry and I will definitely watch this. #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Bhanupriya,Bhanupriya on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Priya Bapat, Anuja Sathe, Prajakta Mali, these actresses role well in Raan was happy to see

सचिन खेडेकर, मोहन आगाशे, मकरंद अनासपुरे यांसारख्या मराठी इंडस्ट्रीतील दिग्गजांना वेब सीरिजमध्ये एकत्र पाहणे खूप आनंददायी आहे. #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Ansari Sakoor,Ansari Sakoor on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Loved every character In this webseries. A worth watch

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Gouth@m™,Gouth@m™ on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Hey!!! Guys must check out this amazing Marathi I really enjoyed #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Bhoomika,Bhoomika on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

great show A compelling must-watch thriller series. each performer gave a wonderful performance.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Hlynn,Hlynn on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Marathi Cinema can do wonders this is a wonder RaanBaazar is a perfect example for it, absolutely amazing.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Mr. Sharma,Mr. Sharma on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

I recommend all my friends and family members must watch this series #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Stuti Singh,Stuti Singh on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Everyone should must take watch this amazing Marathi web series, Only on planet Marathi.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Nikkkiii,Nikkkiii on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Very much impressed with the Marathi contents loving them these days . #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by stAAr,stAAr on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

I cant hold my excitement , This new series is really great i will obviously watch next episode also. #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Aparna,Aparna on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

This Marathi web series has given tremendous performance by all which is worth watching.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Rabban W,Rabban W on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Must say, Marathi Cinema can do wonders, RaanBaazar is a perfect example for it, absolutely amazing.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Aviral,Aviral on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Yeh bht hi shaandar series h aapko jarur dekhni chahie.

all of your requested to check out this very amazing Marathi series if you love thriller and perfection

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Ripu Singh,Ripu Singh on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

The story, direction and dialogues everything too good. Must watch

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Mr Perfect,Mr Perfect on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

रानबाजार हा मराठी कलेच्या इतिहासात मैलाचा दगड ठरला आहे. त्याच्या यशाने मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीत एक नवी ऊर्जा आली आहे.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Hulk,Hulk on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

this is really very much impressive and proud to see as Marathi that this series is getting respected all over world

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by kamya singh,kamya singh on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

આ વેબ સિરીઝ ખરેખર અદ્ભુત છે, મને હંમેશા મરાઠી ફિલ્મો ગમે છે.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by _Alish,_Alish on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Marathi shows and movies have always been very fascinating and interesting, loving RaanBaazar.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Kavvya,Kavvya on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

I am loving Marathi movies these days they were very well made . #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Tommy,Tommy on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT रानबाजार हा मराठी कलेच्या इतिहासात मैलाचा दगड ठरला आहे. त्याच्या यशाने मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीत एक नवी ऊर्जा आली आहे..

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Sartaj Ahmed,Sartaj Ahmed on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

Best webseries of marathi industry
Will recommend it to you #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by Alone_soul,Alone_soul on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

there is no doubt in this that this Marathi web series is going to break records made by Hindi Web series

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by chandani singh,chandani singh on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo

વાહ હું બીજા બ્લોકબસ્ટરનો આ એપિસોડ જોવા માટે ખૂબ જ ઉત્સાહિત છું #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT.

#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo,#WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo by ❤️ANYA🖤,❤️ANYA🖤 on twitter tweets #WorldsFirstMarathiOTT Photo


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