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ye movie super duper hoti hogi ye to pkki bat h ab to is film ki story janne ka wait h #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by बड़भागी..,बड़भागी.. on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

I am really very sorry for the movie I definitely watch this #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by आदित्य झा PhEnOmEnAl 👑👑,आदित्य झा PhEnOmEnAl 👑👑 on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

This will be really blockbuster , because this story is amezing and also its characters.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by ChambalTigers,ChambalTigers on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

History is witness that all movies of Aamir Khan have been hit, take advantage of his experience and definitely watch Lal Singh Chaddha movie.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Mannu Mishra,Mannu Mishra on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

हमें यह शानदार फिल्म देखनी चाहिए। #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha 11 अगस्त को बिना किसी शक के।.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Shreya,Shreya on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

the excitement level to watch Aamir Khan in this movie cannot be elaborated in words

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by preeti singh,preeti singh on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

A wonderful life story about a rather common person is shown in this lovely film. To see how Aamir Khan performs this part, #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Faizal.,Faizal. on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha with my family and friends. Can’t miss on something so beautiful and soulful. 💕.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Basha,Basha on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

Question of the day. My answer is yes. What your? Aamir Khan sir has always given a great movie to our country, it will definitely be amazing #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha h.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Rahul Rana,Rahul Rana on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

हम सभी को इस फिल्म को बड़े दिल से देखना चाहिए क्योंकि इस फिल्म को अभिनय के नजरिए से देखा जाना चाहिए।

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Ravi Verma,Ravi Verma on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

when it comes to Box Office Records #AamirKhan has no competition & this time too Lsc is going to break all the records #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by ATBB LSC 2022,ATBB LSC 2022 on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

They create history every time they work together. Can’t wait to watch this movie. #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha for sure. 😍❤️.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by SHARIF,SHARIF on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

The mice with wonderful the best characters that played in this movie.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Q_MADHU,Q_MADHU on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

This movie of Aamir Khan should be seen by more and more people

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Akshita,Akshita on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

Itihaas gavah hai ki Aamir Khan ki sabhi moviyan hit Hui Hain unki experience ka aap sabhi fayda uthaie aur Lal Singh Chadda movie ko jarur dekhiae

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Neha Patel,Neha Patel on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

Everyone are waiting to watch this epic movie on big screen

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Dinesh,Dinesh on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

We will surely watch Laal Singh Chaddha movie it’s inspire most Aamir Khan gives its best #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Anisha 🦋🤍,Anisha 🦋🤍 on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

Guys he is the best actor in the industry #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by iamworst,iamworst on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

Everyone wants to see Aamir brilliant performance #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Anubhav,Anubhav on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha अतार्किक राजनीतिक कारणों से नफरत करने वाले नफरत करेंगे,.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Palvi,Palvi on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

this is really going to be a very much amazing experience to see Aamir Khan in this movie

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by srivalli singh,srivalli singh on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

This content is really one of the foremost best content is this so watch this

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Surbhi Kumari,Surbhi Kumari on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

4 साल के लंबे इंतजार के बाद आमिर वापस आए है अपने इस खास फिल्म के साथ जरुर इसमे कुछ खास मैसेज होगा हम सबके लिए

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by पहेली,पहेली on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

We will definitely go and watch this movie such a great and inspiring movie this one is. You should definitely watch it! #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Suhani,Suhani on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

The greatest blockbuster movie will release on 11 August
Very excited to see this movie

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Sefali,Sefali on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

I have never seen such amazing movie before,I am surely not going to miss this the content of this movie. #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Nandani Singh,Nandani Singh on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

A strong acting is the hallmark of a movie.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Shivangi Mishra(A)🇮🇳,Shivangi Mishra(A)🇮🇳 on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

I am gonna watch this for sure ..Laal Singh Chaddha movie is gonna be the best movie ever …

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Saloni🌸,Saloni🌸 on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

If you will watch this content they will fall in love with this content so you should watch this content

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Videya Kumari,Videya Kumari on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo

A movie that will take us on an emotional roller coaster. I can’t wait to watch this in theatres. #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha, will you?🤔.

#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo,#WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo by Ajay 💜,Ajay 💜 on twitter tweets #WillWatchLaalSinghChaddha Photo


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