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Vince McMahon steps down as WWE CEO and chairman amid an investigation into alleged misconduct. @BRWrestling.

Vince Photo,Vince Photo by Bleacher Report,Bleacher Report on twitter tweets Vince Photo

I would very much enjoy it if Vince McMahon would step down from his duties in relation to creative content as well..

Nine-minute settlement conference leaves former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck and former XFL benefactor Vince McMahon on track for a multi-million-dollar breach of contract trial next month..

Regarding the Vince McMahon/Laurinaitis Wall Street Journal story, we discuss this in detail here. We will have even more in the Observer out tonight..

Booker T declines to comment on ‘Not Good News’ about Vince McMahon. 😂😂😂.

One day they have to do a 60 minute episode on the inner workings of Vince McMahon’s mind..

WWE reportedly investigating $3 million payment from CEO Vince McMahon to female employee.

Se dice que el personaje de Ziggy Stardust está inspirado en varias figuras de la música de la época. Entre ellas Vince Taylor, uno de los pioneros del rock británico e Iggy Pop, amigo personal de Bowie..

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Eu só vou acreditar nesse rolê quando a própria Sasha tweetar mandando o Vince ir tomar no cu. Fora isso tô descrente que a burrice da WWE seja tamanha (deve ser)..

@back2bingohall well vince couldn’t keep his hands off them women that weren’t linda so he’s got other things to worry about. his stooges are all idiots so they’re certainly going to be a problem..

Pat McAfee Doesn’t Know What To Expect From Vince McMahon Tonight On SmackDown.

Vince Photo,Vince Photo by WrestleZone,WrestleZone on twitter tweets Vince Photo

I’m glad everything is being brought to the light because Vince is not a good person at all & he’s done some foul shit to the women & I just feel so bad for what they had to go through..

Really good thread. I was going to bring up some of it but this is extensive and accurate. Nobody has bigger Insane Connecticut Energy than Vince and I mean that in the worst way possible..


The man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall Lombardi OPMClassics WithANDI.


Crazy how the vince news is quiet everyone will be back on smackdown like nothing happened.

@Lidia_Undiemi Se non cambia la visione di mondo sottostante (e parlo della precomprensione della realtà da parte dei cittadini) facciamo poca strada. Finché in politica si parla solo di PIL, sgravi e sussidi e contribuiti, il banco vince sempre. I referendum sono stati a loro modo illuminanti.

Vince McMahon
Sasha John Larangitis The WWE These trends are hilarious.

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AEW kids, this Vince thing doesn’t concern you, focus on junglegirls wrestling and do your thing..

@frolaboration Its both morally super gross AND fiscally responsible from a corporate fraud standard. It also sounds like the most Vince McMahon thing ever..

Let’s be real here. Vince isn’t stepping down for the misconduct. He’s stepping down because an investigation is a massive distraction from his daily duties. @BustedOpenRadio @NationsCorner.

Lil Keke, Knocky, Mike D, Man-Pooh, Duke, and the CEO of Jam Down Records, Vince Perry, in Beaumont, TX • 1997 🤘🏾🍇.

if only there were signs over the years that vince was a malignant, narcissistic bully roughly twenty to thirty years out of touch with acceptable social norms *and* the interests of his core fanbase.

Reports suggest WWE personality will exit the company following Vince McMahon allegations.

Watch that creep Vince fire Sasha on national TV with that god awful nasally geriatric grumble he does with every firing.

So… get tag teamed by Riddle/Priest and get crabs or get tag teamed by Vince/Johnny and get 3 million. Old meat for 3 million Steve Harvey.

@SarahFlann Nah, just watch. John Lauranitis will take the fall for it. Vince will come out of this unscathed..

@Ivangf132 @AlazrakiDevs Traducción: La junta directiva de WWE está investigando un acuerdo secreto fuera de la corte de 3 millones de dólares al que Vince llegó con una anterior empleada con la que supuestamente tuvo un romance, acorde a los documentos y gente cercana..

Wild out peeps @XtraXtraVDG Presented By VDG Sports host – @vincedgregory on Listen Notes!.

Vince Photo,Vince Photo by VDG Sports,VDG Sports on twitter tweets Vince Photo

@LVFightShop ::puts on tin foil hat:: Nick Khan leaked the story so that Vince gets voted out. Khan takes over control and sells the company for a hefty sum..

If Vince is Done just get @shanemcmahon & @TripleH Incharge & bring proffesional wrestling back to the WWE as Proffesional wrestling is REAL ENTERTAINMENT..


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