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SF – #DIM2022 MS
Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (INA/4) vs Viktor Axelsen (DEN/1) 15-21 15-21 HUAAAA KALAHHHH GG GINTINGGGGG Final: Viktor Axelsen vs Chou Tien Chen!!!!!.

⚡️Zelensky invites Hungarian PM to visit Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he has had a “fruitful” conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and invited him to visit Ukraine. Zelensky thanked Orban for supporting EU candidate status for Ukraine..


“Quem é Viktor?” “É o que eu sempre fui.” 🥺
Finalmente! Umbrella Academy está de volta na @NetflixBrasil e a gente quer destacar todo nosso amor pela transição do Elliot Page. 🏳️‍⚧️.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by BCharts,BCharts on twitter tweets Viktor Photo

Zelensky held a phone conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and invited him to visit Kyiv. That was probably one very uncomfortable conversation..

Viktor Axelsen gembira dapat jalani latihan di Akademi Badminton Malaysia menjelang aksi pembukaan Terbuka Malaysia bermula 28 jun ini.

🚨 #TheUmbrellaAcademy spoilers
Viktor geldiğinde herkesin hiç yanlış bir şey söylemeden direkt kabul etmesi.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by mikel | The boys & Tua spoilers,mikel | The boys & Tua spoilers on twitter tweets Viktor Photo

#TheUmbrellaAcademy spoilers
diego: luther wants to throw you a big stupid party so you feel loved. do you feel loved? 🧐
viktor: yeah, i do 😀
diego: good. you are DIEGOOOOOOOOO.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by cris 🏴‍☠️ TUA spoilers,cris 🏴‍☠️ TUA spoilers on twitter tweets Viktor Photo


[spoiler] plays a huge role in #TheUmbrellaAcademy Season 3.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by Nerdist,Nerdist on twitter tweets Viktor Photo

@Magnetolicious @Viktor_Stevich Стевич у една година ги земал седмо и осмо одд за да не го заебат вака.

@Mojsoskata @Viktor_Stevich ne znam za vas mucina ama posledno mene ne mi vozvratija na ljubovta vo 7mo odd na fizichko.

@Viktor_Stevich @Magnetolicious Комунистите ја измислиле љубовта за да не мора да плаќаат за секс 😂.

@SayOnlyOnce @Viktor_Stevich I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ Можеби ќе имам прилика да го видам тој “стил” во септември 😳.

the viktor storyline in s3 of umbrella academy 🙁 I’m so glad they made space for this 😭🫶🏽.

La más grande libertad, es elegir
nuestra propia actitud, ante cualquier circunstancia. Viktor Frankl. ————————— #Atardecer #Sunset —————————.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by DRAGON DEL GLACIAR,DRAGON DEL GLACIAR on twitter tweets Viktor Photo

@HalMarshall2309 As I said to @11tulips, it’s a woman’s search for meaning and it sure isn’t Viktor Frankl….

@Mizunocturne JAHAKAJ lo estoy decidiendo pero Aleksander o Viktor 👍 probablemente me quede con uno de esos dos si o si.

Нашёл самый скучный пляж. Там вообще ничего нельзя делать=(.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by Бот Виктор,Бот Виктор on twitter tweets Viktor Photo


The way last time a TUA season came out I identified as lesbian and was kinning Viktor and now I’m trans and kin Viktor.

faut voir comment j’suis ému suite au reac de la miff de viktor dans umbrella academy.

O viktor se descobrindo trans foi tão bosta eles deviam ter explicado melhor , pelo menos um episódio.

@beforeyeezus_ This logic could be used to justify Allende to Suharto, what the fuck?.

Szerintem nem kéne ezt terenként csinálni. Egyszerűen egyben kellene Budapestet elvenni Budapesttől, és odaadni egy kormánypárti polgármesternek vagy főispánnak..

Everybody scream ! Endlessly proud of you @TheElliotPage 🤍 cannot wait to watch this new season & meet Viktor!! ☂.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by cass🦇,cass🦇 on twitter tweets Viktor Photo

ben calling viktor emo even tho he looked like this #TheUmbrellaAcademy.

Viktor Photo,Viktor Photo by gwen ☂︎ ⁹ TUA SPOILERS,gwen ☂︎ ⁹ TUA SPOILERS on twitter tweets Viktor Photo

@Viktor_Stevich Од бидување удрен не се губи осет за мирис. Не се зезај, оди на лекар..

@Viktor_Stevich Си паднал и си ја удрил главата? Се јавува и при потрес на мозокот. Со време се враќа..

// tua s3 oi have to say it feels a bit hypocritical of allison to be so mad about viktor not telling her about the mom death thing when she also failed to tell him she told him he didn’t have any powers when they were kids essentially boosting the abuse kinda.

Gente, Umbrella Academy Temp 3!! A darlo todo!! Aquí llegó Viktor con Elliot Page!!.

i actually love viktor’s transition being a haircut and realization. not every trans character needs to be driven by being miserable. im trans so i actually am right about this. this is a viktor hargreeves love account.


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