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The worst monsters are the ones who appear to be human. Zero lies detected, Talia Burns.


Clare and Aidan made a pact to break up before college, so their last evening as a couple will be their most epic date night yet. From the producers of the To All the Boys franchise, Jordan Fisher and Talia Ryder star in Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. July 6.

me knowing dami and Indiyah about to recouple #LoveIsland #Indami.

TALIA Photo,TALIA Photo by ataliaaa,ataliaaa on twitter tweets TALIA Photo

Ya no me molesta que todo me quieras copiar, es que la neta si soy genial, admirable y preciosa. 😜.

basically Andrew is making you boring right Tasha ???? #LoveIsland.

TALIA Photo,TALIA Photo by ataliaaa,ataliaaa on twitter tweets TALIA Photo

Mi representante me acaba de decir que soy complicada, pero que me quiere! Obvio lo mejor siempre tiene que ser difícil y complicado. 😎.

bro wtf talia and simon got together like last week in my mind and now they are ENGAGED?!!!!? i’ve been on twitter too long this is wild shit i’m so happy for them.

#cuma Ümidim tükendi bitiyor
Ardına bakmadan gidiyor
Söylemeye dilim varmıyor
Söylediler yandım kül oldum
Bir görünüp bir kaybolup beni düşürdün derde
Bakışların gözlerime bilmem yüreğin nerede
Anladığım duyduğuma göre sevdiğin varmış….

Luca is always saying something he would do in that situation like shut up #LoveIsland.

TALIA Photo,TALIA Photo by ataliaaa,ataliaaa on twitter tweets TALIA Photo

I thought this was my favourite picture of Simon and LITTLE DID I KNOW.

TALIA Photo,TALIA Photo by amy | happy pride 🏳️‍🌈,amy | happy pride 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets TALIA Photo

@FosterPortman1 //I can imagine the venue being split into two sides. One for Talia One for Simon and what they agreed on is in the middle..


@FosterPortman1 Talia: My legs and I are very dangerous! Forcing creampies and choking people with them is always fun..

boze zaliczylam zgona patrzac na figure, boze gdzie moja talia.

I’m sorry but I still can’t get over that talia and Simon are engaged. Makes me so happy 🥹🥹🥹.

i tweeted about talia too but didn’t connect it @nancee_deecee catch that too 😂😂.


@Sidemen CONGRATULATIONS TO SIMON AND TALIA, I’m literally sobbing, I’m so happy for them🥹.

this might just be the best day…. Talia is engaged and we have an Alex recent #alexturner #taliamarr.

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@drbruneette o mamo ale piękna talia🤯 bardzo ładnie ci w tym stroju, mam w ogóle wrażenie że taki kolor świetnie współgra z ciemnymi włosami właśnie.

@Talia_riveraa No puedes volver atrás y cambiar el principio, pero puedes empezar donde estás y cambiar el final. 😌 Es viernes, vamos por ese final que queremos; que sea con todo, hermosa!☺️😘🫂😍😘.

@DudiKim @talia_einhorn לכל אחד מותר להביע את דעתו איפה ומתי שבא לו. אתה לא יודע מה ברור ומה לא ברור ואני לא משתכנע מדעתך הלא מקצועית בטוויטר. מותר לי? שבת שלום ורק בריאות.


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@f1sampson Obviously I knew and didnt just type in Simon and talia into Twitter to see the results.

@Talia_riveraa @Talia_riveraa Ricky le gusta mucho la foto de Talia Rivera también siempre le manda saludos Ricky.

TALIA Photo,TALIA Photo by Ricardo Suárez,Ricardo Suárez on twitter tweets TALIA Photo

@Talia_riveraa @Talia_riveraa Ricky también les mando muchos besos 😘 nuestra querida Talia Rivera.

@Talia_riveraa @Talia_riveraa Ricky también les mando un beso 😘 nuestra querida Talia Rivera.

@Talia_riveraa @Talia_riveraa Ricky le gusta mucho Talia Rivera también siempre le manda saludos Ricky.

@Talia_riveraa @Talia_riveraa está muy Guapisma Talia Rivera les mando un gran saludos Ricky.

What’s important right now is the moral injustice to women, the fears of “gay marriage is next” are valid but now is a time to mourn and be angry for our sisters who continue to be told by white Christian men what to do with their bodies. Wretched..

Every time I’m with talia and Taju and they doing stupid shit I just be asking why would God leave me to deal with the crackhead sisters.


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