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60 lakh Remdesivir vials are lined up for destruction as the expiry nears along with other Covid-related medicines like liposomal amphotericin, molnupiravir, and favipiravir tablets. Indian Pharma is taking a direct hit of Rs 1000 cr on unsold inventory due to negligible demand.


NEW: EU agrees to a plan forcing all companies—most notably Apple—to make smartphones and tablets with a common charger.

Write the vision, make it plain on the tablets. So he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time – Habakkuk 1-3. #2023NigeriaElections.

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I’ve never had hay fever like this before maybe a one two sneeze that was it now I’m waking up with my throat on fire running to the tablets like some nitty Kmt.

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”
Habakkuk 2:2-3.


Meghalaya | Police seized 3,235 capsules of Semdex , 4613 numbers of Netaks-10 (Nitrazepam tablets), gm of heroin, 19 bottles of Onerex 100ml syrup from a house in West Garo Hills dist yesterday and arrested the owner of the house: VS Rathore, SP, West Garo Hills district.

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Stop putting these kids in front of tablets and take them outside they’ll be good and tired..

🌟HUAWEI Matepad Paper🌟
万能なE Inkタブレット登場‼️

In particular, the maximum daily dose one could take for 3 days is 5 tablets of 7mg ( 35mg). 35mg is 400mcg/kg if you weigh 87kg (192lb). Anyone weighing more than that would be underdosed progressively more as their weight goes up. And with weight, risk goes up too..

💻 Entregan 500 tablets e inauguran una radio en la Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche..

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Mejores oportunidades y facilidad de aprendizaje son las ventajas que los estudiantes de 1er a 3er grado obtienen con sus nuevas tablets. 👩‍💻✨.

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Vaya ahí un testimonio sobre la entrega de tablets a los niños y niñas, definitivamente nuestro pueblo está agradecido. #NayibBukele2024 #UnMomentoÚnico.

Kiddos watching on their tablets with headphones, and I have the little one in my lap while listening to the blues (because of a blues song reference starting a Playlist.) Yeah, life is good..

In my purse: different mg of elvanse, Vaseline, semi melted plastic phone case, out of date lip balm, dead squirrel tail key chain, chewing gum stuck to the bottom, despair, womens mini deodorant double the usually content of ALUMINIUM, 10 packs of anti histamine tablets an-.

Con HUAWEI MatePad 11 y su HUAWEI M-Pencil crea, edita o trabaja cómodamente en cualquier momento. Conoce más: #HUAWEIMatePad11.

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exclusive rights won’t happen because the local stations needing to eat is so essential to the nba’s BUT i could totally see espn/abc/turner getting phased out as more and more people choose their phones + tablets to consume content over their TVs.

2 Pieces Car Retro Record Players Decors Car Fragrance Diffusers Clips in Retro Style Record Player Design, 12 Pieces Aromatherapy Tablets Aromatherapy Replacement Pads Included via @amazon.

Or tablets where they can draw on wherever they go My eyes tired staring on PC screen to draw all the time.

3. Multi-factor authentication — ability to add devices such as phones, tablets, etc as backup shard-holders.

@SarkySage Very Good Morning. Dimity had her check up yesterday & all good. She has a canine form of PICA & now on tablets to curb her eating behaviour She’d actually eaten a third of a metre of cotton table cloth Lucky she’s still here Thank dog for clever vets.

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@IAMLLUCIANA Zinc and magnesium tablets good for deep sleep and also muscle recovery 💪 gn.

@yamimichi I do feel for you. It’s miserable. The doctor prescribed tablets. At first they were life changing. I have been taking them for about 4 months now, but I’m getting some really bad episodes with #rls Just been reading about some new algorithms, so I need to look into that.

@MayraRiosGarcia They better fix things and our facility still has no tablets 🤦🏻‍♀️.

INGREDIENTS. LACTAID Ultra Chewable Tablets: Lactase Enzyme (9000 FCC Lactase units/tablet), Mannitol, Cellulose, Sodium Citrate #NeeSeaLive.


Hayfever ruins my summer. Every single year no matter if I take medicine or the one-a-day tablets, I still end up sneezing, constant dripping nose and throat and a nose like Rudolph.

y’all kids sit on tablets and in front of the tv all day so of course they not gone be ready for bed. they got hella energy..

@michael63202845 Always 😃 my doc won’t prescribe sleeping tablets as says that after 2 weeks I will become immune to them and will need to keep prescribing higher doses every 2 weeks so tells me “ sleep hygiene “ where you follow the same bedtime routine every night until your brain clicks on 😅.

Rectal bleeding from tumour Radiotherapy may be an option if not had maximum dose to area already Endoscopic intervention for laser, cryotherapy or argon coagulation Oral and/or rectal tranexamic acid (enema made by crushing 5grams of tablets in 50ml warm water).

@danielcrosby I gave up last year, it was my only source of caffeine, drank LOADS. It dramatically improved my dental (gum) health very quickly. Recommend adopting other healthy exercise, food. I drink fizzy water, sometimes take caffeine tablets to get me through the (work) day..


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