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Killer look 🔥 waiting for this one #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Lokesh Saini,Lokesh Saini on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

The poster from Shamshera is Massive. Eagerly waiting😍😍😍

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Dishu Chaurasia,Dishu Chaurasia on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Poster from Shamshera is Massive 🔥 Looking its a different Eagerly waiting

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Tv24,Tv24 on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Ranbir what are you doing? This is showing that you have a very high standard 🙌 Amazing.
#ShamsheraPosterLeaked #RanbirKapoor.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Paras pahade,Paras pahade on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

I have never seen so much happiness till now👍👍

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Himanshi Agrawal,Himanshi Agrawal on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Ranbir Kapoor is looking totally fierce in the poster of Shamshera Super excited to see this movie . #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by FREESOUL 💥,FREESOUL 💥 on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo


The poster looks massive and massive transformation of Ranbir is Huge💥

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by hui,hui on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Yeh FL toh fire #RanbirKapoor bawal lag rahe cant wait for this dhamaka …yeh movie saare records todne wale hai #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by 𝕽𝖆𝖏𝖇𝖎𝖗 𝕶𝖚𝖒𝖆𝖗,𝕽𝖆𝖏𝖇𝖎𝖗 𝕶𝖚𝖒𝖆𝖗 on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Ranbir sir kya lag rahe ho ksam se is poster kr rakh diya sbko

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Sahil Singh,Sahil Singh on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Exiciting performance in the poster looks are damn perfect for the movie #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Kalyan Fan,Kalyan Fan on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Literally a lovely poster it is,you all should have to watch this amazing poster now and appreciate this

Everyone must have to check this out now the leaked poster. #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Dushyant,Dushyant on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Very nice poster and I really like it very much Ranbir Kapoor is awesome and I am super excited now. #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

with a few behind-the-scenes looks of Ranbir so far, the first-look poster of Ranbir has been leaked #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Sundaram Singh,Sundaram Singh on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Guys did you saw the leaked poster of Shamshera 😍 rambir Kapoor looking soo Amazing 💯💯

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Noor Sinha,Noor Sinha on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

His looks in this poster is really great to watch.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Nisha Aggarwal,Nisha Aggarwal on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

What a look . Transformation is next level. Ranbir Kapoor gonna rock in this movie 💥

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Çhîñtù,Çhîñtù on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

I have become such a huge fan of him after this wonderful look.

After this poster super duper excited for the film . #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Rudra,Rudra on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Have you been through this poster
Look of Ranbir Kapoor in shamshera ?

Jarur dekhe is poster ko sabse jyda superhit aur shandar hai isee best poster 2022 me koi bhi nahin hoga #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

Amazing poster totally awesome and amazing in every aspect Coming back on the big screen after 4 years
#RanbirKapoor #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Rudr Chauhan,Rudr Chauhan on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

This is amazing best Poster guys, i loved it dosto

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Disha,Disha on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

He is looking absolutely stunning and dashing in the poster of Shamshera.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Nihaa🥀💫,Nihaa🥀💫 on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Shamshera Poster is Just on Fire!! Looking forward to watch this Movie!! #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Sahil,Sahil on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

After watching the awsome posters I am eagerly waiting for the movie release in theaters #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Priyanka Kumari,Priyanka Kumari on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Totally I would like to say that This one is total monster. Loved the creativity #ShamsheraPosterLeaked.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Nithin👌,Nithin👌 on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

यह एक अच्छा पोस्टर है बहुत से लोग इसकी प्रशंसा कर रहे हैं।

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Divya Sinha,Divya Sinha on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Ranbir Kapoor looks like a real Shamshera in the poster of this movie, such a wondeful personality with an immensely surprisinh look.

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Anurag // ON BREAK,Anurag // ON BREAK on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo

Ranbir Kapoor is baap of transformation. Next level poster 🔥

#shamsheraposterleaked Photo,#shamsheraposterleaked Photo by Dineshツ,Dineshツ on twitter tweets #shamsheraposterleaked Photo


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