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Feeling sorry for Abrar Ahmed ( mystery spinner ) not to have a game so far in this series #PakvsEngland2022. He should have given four games in this series to showcase his bowling talent but….. keep working hard young man.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Mohammad Hafeez,Mohammad Hafeez on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

Questions will be asked for this poor performance of our T20 team. They have lost back to back tournaments recently. Poor team selection and lack of any strategy has led to defeat after defeat.
Raising the issue in our IPC Committee tomorrow.
Any suggestions ?? #PakvsEngland2022.

بابر کی قائدانہ اننگ، انگلینڈ کو جیت کے لئے 170 رنز کا ہدف
#ARYNewsUrdu #PakvsEngland2022.

انگلینڈ کیخلاف میچ کے بعدحیدر علی کی طبیعت بگڑ گئی، ہسپتال منتقل کر دیا گیا #PakvsEngland2022 #haiderali.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by UrduPoint اردوپوائنٹ,UrduPoint اردوپوائنٹ on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

Get well soon ❤️‍🩹 @iamhaideraly 🥲
#CricketTwitter #PakvsEngland2022.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Cricket Junoon®️,Cricket Junoon®️ on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

In logon ki waja se mujhe tickets nahi miltin 🔥 #PakvsEngland2022.

yaawr💔 Dil se bura lgta he
#PakvsEng2022 #PakvsEngland2022.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Bilal Riaz,Bilal Riaz on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

AJ to England pakistan ko without any surf excel dho raha h😂 Asy kon khelta h yrr

The Best Leg Spinner, The Best All-rounder, The Best Fielder, The Best DRS (Decision Review Shadab😜)< The Most Handsome, The Most Killer Smile and Eyes, The Most Attractive Personality,,,SHADAB KHAN (SHADDY)…❤️‍🔥🔥❤️😘💘💖💫 #shadabkhan #PakvsEngland2022.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Lishoo Ahmad 🍀🤍,Lishoo Ahmad 🍀🤍 on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

Master Class Batting Babar U Beauty MASH ALLAH ❤️♥️😍🥰😘#PakvsEngland2022.

Fastest to 3000 T20I runs🔥 King is here to rule👑❤️
#PakvsEngland2022 #BabarAzam𓃵.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Biya💫💞,Biya💫💞 on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

اب اوٹ کر بھی لو تو کیا فائدہ..
سکور تو اپ ہو گیا ہے….. #PakvsEngland2022.

Salt doing Dawlance Power Wash Challenge with Pakistan bowlers #PAKvENG

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Talha Hassan 🇵🇰,Talha Hassan 🇵🇰 on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

England team right now to Pak bowlers : #PakvsEngland2022 #PakvsEng bobby Haris.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Awais Fareed,Awais Fareed on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

پائ جان اے توانوں ایناکُٹن کیوں ڈیے وا؟؟ 😂😂😂 #PakvsEngland2022.

Yaar Tension ni loo England waly Flood Fund k liya Donation kaar rahy hain 😅

England today team like banty dhota jao dhota jao 😂😂 #PakvsEngland2022.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Bilal Hussain,Bilal Hussain on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

Ya Gory saaly cheating krty hai. Ham ny ek ek jor kr 170 to ly gaye. Khud 10 overs ma bnaa gaye 🙃😒

Yar is ko t10 na bn ne dyna itni zalalat bardasht nhi hogi 😵‍💫 #PakvsEngland2022.


let’s not forget we won by 10WCKTs against England, they won’t have that 😂😂 #PakvsEngland2022.

Hasnain after watching Wasim, Jamal and Dahani conceding too many runs 😎

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Passionate,Passionate on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

This Navratri my new video is released, listen and share as much as you can👇..Jai Mata Di🌺🙏
Link- 👈 #PakvsEngland2022.


انگلش ٹیم نے 170 رنز کا مطلوبہ ہدف 15ویں اوور میں 2 وکٹوں کے نقصان پر پورا کرکے پاکستان کو شکست دے دی #AbbTakk #PakvsEngland2022.

Queen ko hum ne thori mara Hum sy q badla le rhy ho 🥺
#PakvsEngland2022 #PakvsEngland.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by ماریہ بنت جاوید,ماریہ بنت جاوید on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

England ki team to aisay maar rahi hai jaisay Queen humne maari #PakvsEngland2022.

@ICC Am rooting for Pakistan but india, England,Australia never underestimating Sri am looking forward to a great tournament inshAllah #T20WorldCup2022 #PakvsEngland2022.

Stadium se ziada maza cricket twitter k sath TV py match dekhny ka hai

जशन मनाओ पाकिस्तान की हकरा नदी में पानी आया हे खूब रोया पाकिस्तान आवाम क्या धोया इंग्लिश बल्लेबाजों ने😂😂😂😂😂😂 #PakvsEngland2022 #PakvsEng2022.

Babar Azam👌
📸: Sony Sports.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Adan,Adan on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo

Congratulations to Babar Azam for scoring fastest 3k runs in T20I Masha Allah 👏😍 King of Cricket for a reason 👑😇 #PakvsEngland2022.

#PakvsEngland2022 Photo,#PakvsEngland2022 Photo by Jamil Jamshaid,Jamil Jamshaid on twitter tweets #PakvsEngland2022 Photo


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