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Disney Plus really needs to release these episodes on different days. After an episode of #ObiWan like THAT #MsMarvel won’t be talked about as much as it should..

It was never crazy to have wanted to see exactly what we just saw in #ObiWan Episode 5..

Hayden Christensen reached out to Ewan McGregor right after he got the #ObiWan call..


Lagi cek gallery, foto pas mau perform dulu dimanagerin mas Obi. Suka malu-malu gitu emang orangnya 🤭 Yuk kita semangatin mas Obi, dan jangan lupa untuk stream serial Obi-Wan Kenobi di @DisneyPlusID yaa! 😚👍🏻.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by Viviyona,Viviyona on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo


It’s another Mustafar like day out there. 🥵 Drink some extra 💧 so you don’t join the dark…oops…dehydrated side today. Take the high ground during this excessive heat warning and take some breaks. Even #ObiWan goes in his cave on Tatooine occasionally.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by SCEMD,SCEMD on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

Can a single ray of light really save the galaxy? Star Wars: #ObiWan print advertisement, 2002..

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by Jess Morrissette,Jess Morrissette on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

Veo que está gustando el episodio de hoy de #ObiWan, me alegro. Yo hasta la noche no lo podré ver, así que… *pffff bomba de humo antispoilers 💨*.

// #ObiWan #ObiWanKenobi spoilers –

Tala and NED-B’a deaths… I’m still sick.

#Vader did this and beat Reva ass with one fucking hand! This show is amazing and that fight scene was 🔥🔥🔥 as was episode 5 #ObiWan.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by (Philly4LiFe)West🙏🏾🅿️,(Philly4LiFe)West🙏🏾🅿️ on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

There are no words to describe episode 5 of #ObiWan, it’s just some of the best Star Wars ever made❤️.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by Slyth 🎬,Slyth 🎬 on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

Una botella de PET puede tardar más de 100 años en desaparecer.
En Capulla reciclamos cada botella y la transformamos en una flor de más de 100 años de vida.
El mundo es diferente si todos ayudamos.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by Capulla,Capulla on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

man, if you’re not sold on #ObiWan after that last episode you just hate Star Wars..

Vio #ObiWan y aprendió que entrar en instalaciones de alta seguridad es facilísimo..

i think vader’s use of the force in that entire sequence in the space craft hanger could genuinely be up there with some of the best star wars content ever produced and i do mean that sincerely #ObiWan.

#ObiWan  spoilers
Hot take but I thought Hayden looked extremely hot in the flashbacks.

Je regarde #ObiWan et c’est officiel la vf de dark vadit je n’en peux plus elle lui correspond PAS du tout..

cw // obi-wan kenobi spoilers #obiwankenobi  #ObiWanSpoilers –

anakin knows obiwan too well-.

@gujillerstan33 @shitter_k Main flaws are: -Obiwan is extremely incompetent -Plot armor through the roof as always
-The Empire is stupid as usual.

Check this out on #Amazon Beauty by Earth Self Tanner Tanning Lotion – Fair to Medium Fake Tan Self Tanning Lotion for Body, Gradual Tanning Lotion Self Tanner for Natural Looking Self Tan, Sunless Tanner Tan Lotion #ObiWan.

que episódio lindo de #ObiWan fortes emoções 🤧
te amo #Vader haters gonna hate.

¡Me encantó el quinto episodio de #ObiWan! Muchísimo mejor que el anterior pero por mucho, tengo la sensación que el último va a estar re potente también. Amo Star Wars 🫶.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by Joaquín B.‏‏‎‏‏‎,Joaquín B.‏‏‎‏‏‎ on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

Ok so finally 5 episodes In we finally have Star Wars, why 5 episodes in ! Still not perfect but half way through and it’s ticking some boxes, those flash backs 🤤🤤🤤 #ObiWan.

Deborah Chow and the rest of the cast and crew knocked it out of the park with that one! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #StarWars #ObiWan.

X: Valió la pena la espera ? Pues si valió cada maldito año 🫶🏻 #ObiWan #AnakinSkywalker.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by LesGeek,LesGeek on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

Todos ríndanse ante el personaje más cabron en la historia. Lord Vader. Ufffffffffff #StarWars #ObiWan.

Can the haters finally shut up?🥺😫 #ObiWan #obiwanspoilers.

reva my beloved ♥️♥️♥️ obiwan kenobi episode 5 absolutely ate my lunch.

#ObiWan Photo,#ObiWan Photo by jason 💙💛,jason 💙💛 on twitter tweets #ObiWan Photo

Respectfully disagree. #ObiWan is a prime example of a series understanding the characters and making the story about them. It was never about the action, or the twists. It was always about the characters..

Watched #ObiWan, cummed then cleaned it up, thought about the episode again and thus cummed again, cleaned it up, thought about it while typing this so i cummed again so now I must clean it up brb.

@MariamSkywalker ❤️❤️😍😍 me too enjoy 😊 my sweet family #ObiWan #Episode5.


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