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#MsMarvel had the lowest viewership in the first 5 days of any MCU series on Disney+ so far at 775K US households, per @samba_tv However, it reportedly has a higher rate of younger viewers and Black, Hispanic and Asian households than other MCU shows.

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Check out this clip from Episode Two of Ms. Marvel, an Original series from Marvel Studios, streaming tomorrow on @Disneyplus. #MsMarvel.

Previously on #MsMarvel Catch up before a brand new episode of Ms. Marvel, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming tomorrow on @DisneyPlus..

Em uma entrevista para a Looper, Sana Amanat relembrou uma conversa que teve com a Brie Larson: “Brie estava muito animada com o fato da Kamala ser alguém que existia no mundo para a Carol e como seria interessante a dinâmica entre elas e a história da Carol.” #MsMarvel.

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Ya tenéis subida al canal mi review del episodio 2 de #MsMarvel , con más diversión, frescura y un punto de intriga muy interesante. Os lo cuento aquí: 👉

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Zamzam reference 😭 every Muslim household got a bit of zamzam water. Gosh. They legit filled this show with references #MsMarvel.

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What an absolute joy #MsMarvel is. Still not thrilled about the changes to her powers from the comics, even if I understand the reasons, but everything else about it is perfect. Smile on my face from beginning to end through episode 2. More of this kind of thing please, @Marvel..


#MsMarvel spoilers Marvel giggling twirling their hair kicking their legs everytime they decide to parallel that vormir scene.

@Arcalaus28 Es una serie que está cuidando mucho conexiones naturales con el MCU de una manera muy comiquera y menos el cameo de la semana. #MsMarvel.


#MsMarvel episode 2 was sooo fun! I had a blast watching it. Still charmed by its unique animation effects. Most of the characters are interesting and the humor for this entry was on point!.

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Everyone dreaming and living away from keep hustling! The Sun is alone out there but shine #MsMarvel.

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Wedding in #MsMarvel just has my heart!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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🚨 | Disney et Marvel Studios ont lancé un site officiel pour la New Jersey Avengercon ! 📎 (via: @MsMarvelUK)
#MsMarvel #MissMarvel.

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ten serial ma tak dowalony soundtrack livin on a prayer, blinding lights, be my baby jakby????? kocham twórców #MsMarvel.

nakia with kamala and kamran vs bruno with kamala and kamran #MsMarvel.

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O segundo episódio de #MsMarvel intitulado de O crush já está disponível no #DisneyPlus..

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#MsMarvel episode 2 ending was a true cliffhanger. I wanna know it quick, what is happening!.

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srk and his movies truly represent bollywood internationally #MsMarvel #ShahRukhKhan.

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. Não vem do bracelete. Vem de dentro de você COMO ASSIM PORRA?! COMO ASSIM MARVEL ? PARA DE ME ILUDIR.

another good episode! the approach to this show just feels so fresh and again Iman is perfect casting for Kamala #MsMarvel.

Oooooh ma oggi è mercoledì ed è uscito il secondo episodio di #MsMarvel dopo me lo guardo 🤩.

I love how @MarvelStudios is REALLY showing diversity in their projects. #MsMarvel is work for them in a heartbeat.

#MsMarvel spoiler okay. watching this episode of ms marvel and i high key shed tears during the prayer and mosque scene.

Visto 2 capítulo de #MsMarvel Soy fan fan fan de ella
Y de la bisabuela Espero el 3 capítulo para aclarar dudas

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мисс марвел? а может лучше сборник напоминаний о Наташе? #MsMarvel.

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All these logo doodles are enough for me to fall in love with her 😍.

This week’s episode of #MsMarvel may be my favourite thing in the world. Seeing my culture on the screen this way is beautiful 🇵🇰.


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The most unrealistic thing about #MsMarvel is that everybody at their school isn’t obsessed with Nakia..


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