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Seth Rollins qualifies for MITB when the guy who beat him repeatedly is out with an injury Rollins wins MITB. Cody Rhodes returns, wins the Royal Rumble, declares he wants the WWE Title Seth Rollins cashes in, wins the WWE Title to mess with Cody CODY VS. ROLLINS 4 AT MANIA.


#MITB comes to Las Vegas on July 2! Get your tickets now using presale code: TWEETS 🎟:.

Mitb Photo,Mitb Photo by WWE,WWE on twitter tweets Mitb Photo


Who will qualify for the #MITB Ladder Match? @AJStylesOrg vs. @WWERollins TONIGHT on #WWERaw!.

Mitb Photo,Mitb Photo by WWE,WWE on twitter tweets Mitb Photo


.@WWESheamus AND @DMcIntyreWWE are both headed to WWE #MITB! #SmackDown.


.@WWESheamus is ready to turn #MITB into Fight Night. #SmackDown.

okay maybe I have faith on liv not leaving after that mitb post.

Mitb Photo,Mitb Photo by 𝖒𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖘𝖆,𝖒𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖘𝖆 on twitter tweets Mitb Photo

سيث رولينز يحجز اول مقعد (٧/١) لمباراة الحقيبة MITB !!.

Mitb Photo,Mitb Photo by 🇵🇸 هروج المصارعة | HMWP,🇵🇸 هروج المصارعة | HMWP on twitter tweets Mitb Photo

Seth’s current character winning MITB would be PERFECT (aside from him getting a much deserved win, and a title shot) I need him being a menace with the briefcase, teasing cash ins, hitting his opponents with it, dancing with it each night, I need it!!!.

the road to MITB begins and here are my SD: Lacey Evans, Shotzi, Aliyah, Raquel RAW: Alexa, Carmella, Rhea, Winner: Lacey Liv or Shotzi.

Edge vs Finn Balor at MITB is going to be a BANGER. They kicked Edge out of his own group. #WWERAW.

Seth Rollins se clasifica al combate de escaleras masculino de Money in the Bank 2022 #MITB #WWERAW.

Don’t worry guys, when Liv wins that MITB and Rhea has the belt, the L4B feud will reignite 😏😏.

@WWERollins Roman vs Brock in summer Slam & king @WWERollins cash-ins MITB & win Undisputed WWE Universal Title🔥🔥🔥.

Judgment Day/AJ, Balor & Liv was a ton of fun, Judgment Day being kept strong makes me think Rhea & Edge got to be the favourites for MITB #HIAC.

@_Deez_Games I’m one for not wanting gimmick matches as PPV, like HIAC, MITB etc. (Royal Rumble ad Survivor Series are exceptions) but if you’re going to do them, at least have more than one in there – one for title, one for story!.

@IACKNOWLEDGERR Heylo why he is not at #HIAC ? Then how about #MITB?! Also a no show!.

@whirlingcandy @N1CK3LL1SZ03Y yk what i jus noticed for the past 2 years John CENa has been returning around the time of what’s up with that? 🤔.

Oh the MITB 4 Way match for the RAW Women’s championship match is tonight? Bianca is going to defend another PPV? #wweraw.

@shesgotIegs I want Alexa but This Means She Ain’t got a chance at winning the MItB Contract so i am let it Slide.

Bliss makes the most sense to me. Liv might win MITB, Doudrop needs to build momentum and not just come outta nowhere and get title shots, Rhea should be the one to take the title off Bianca(IMO).

I wouldn’t mind Alexa winning MITB again but I also feel like it should go to Liv since she was robbed of it last year..

The only logical booking for Brock vs Roman at SummerSlam and for #WWE over next 10 months – Rollins wins MITB
– Roman beats Brock at SS/Seth cashes in for RAW title
– Roman drops SD Title to Drew- Clash at the Castle
– Cody wins Rumble/beats Rollins at WM
– Rock vs Roman at WM.

@Paddymagic96 I just seen brock return and Matt lost and drew and shameus are in the MITB.

Overall, this was another good show from WWE, who are pretty reliable on PPV (or should I say PLE) these days. Nothing awful, two great matches and the main event was memorable for other reasons. Stretch of big shows coming up now with MITB, Summerslam and Clash. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5.

@HarleyIsADraw @BackupHangman Cody missing MITB is huge! That’s who I had winning this year but he’s most likely gonna be sidelined.

@_danielsouthern I think in a few weeks, he’s going to get surgery and mitb is on July 2, so that maybe gives him some time but I know he’s gonna have to heal and can’t take that risk, it’s best if he waits.

@JDfromNY206 You are 100% right with WWE back in the day having wrestlers ready to step up if one or two of the main stars fell due to injury. With Cody out of the picture, I think Kevin Owens should step up and win the MITB. Even in the worst feuds, KO sticks out as only KO can..

If they insist on continuing Becky/Bianca, Becky could have simply attacked Bianca after the match in vicious fashion to set up more between them at MITB. Omos/MVP vs. Lashley is up.

@BeckyLynchWWE Your my champ in my book. Go win the mitb briefcase it has your name on it..

@HuntingHawk1480 @CodyRhodes Nah fam, Cody saved us. Now he can recover for a while and come back in time for MITB take the case and win his first ever WWE championship and bring that title back to the brothas!.

Mitb Photo,Mitb Photo by OMG it’s Pauly D,OMG it’s Pauly D on twitter tweets Mitb Photo


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