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21 years ago today, this iconic photo of Kobe was taken after the Lakers won their second straight NBA title 🐍 @NBATV.

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Bleacher Report,Bleacher Report on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

This picture was taken 13 years ago after the Lakers won the title in Orlando. Kobe was wearing the same champagne-soaked shirt, jersey, shorts and armband he had on at the arena back at the hotel. People call it his first without Shaq but it was really his first with his girls..

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Arash Markazi,Arash Markazi on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

The Lakers are hiring Nets assistant coach Jordan Ott for Darvin Ham’s new staff, sources tell ESPN. Ott will move into a more prominent role on the front of LA’s bench..

Kendrick Nunn, as expected, has elected to opt in for his contract with the Lakers for next season, sources tell ESPN..

Steve Kerr has more championships than every NBA franchise except the Lakers and the Celtics. There are only 3 living human beings on the planet—Pat Riley, Bill Russell and Phil Jackson—who have as many NBA rings as Steve Kerr..


7 championships. The most by any franchise not named the Celtics or Lakers..

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by StatMuse,StatMuse on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

Take some time this Juneteenth to learn more about the history of the holiday and how to celebrate..

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Los Angeles Lakers,Los Angeles Lakers on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

LeBron James is excited to see Anthony Davis prove the naysayers wrong this upcoming season. 😤.

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Lakers Nation,Lakers Nation on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

Reflexões de uma offseason: A permanência de Russell Westbrook pode afetar futuro de LeBron James no Lakers..

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Lakers Brasil,Lakers Brasil on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

Enhorabuena a los warriors por el título , no veo a ningún fan de los Lakers o Celtics diciendo “pero nosotros tenemos 17 “..

What skills should the Lakers target with their roster build this offseason? And which free agents check those boxes? On the need for better perimeter defense, 3-point shooting, rim protection and more:.

Klay Thompson tiene más victorias en playoffs que Stephen Curry. Desmientemelo, si puedes. El mejor % de victorias en la historia de la NBA en playoffs. Hijo de un Laker y fan de Lakers de niño, obvio..

Lakers – Kobe fans are always so weird about things like this..

@MaxsAllStars Save this tweet. My opening night match up predictions. Nets at Celtics. Lakers at Warriors lol..

@StephenCurry30 @mellamojessi_ Steph definitely a legend. Also, this has got to be the most rewarding chip. Bagged up the MVP award, w/o that one skinny guy and winning it in the Garden. Congrats Warriors fans..

@broncano32 Los Golden State son la dinastía que más me ha divertido y echo disfrutar este deporte. Chicago con Jordan era un equipazo y los Celtics de Bird y los Lakers de Magic han sido equipos fantásticos pero como estos Warriors no hay ninguno. Hay que disfrutarlos. Una bendición..

@legends_dad1 Well Kyrie was one, Chalmers was a good PG. I hate how the league did him dirty. Lakers had rondo which is a true PG and then Russ. All different variations of the PG. Rondo the only legit PG and that’s cuz he was the least offensively gifted.

@JacobScottDavis Preface: Arguing mood There isn’t a team that’s done it “without help”. Warriors just drafted their help. Cavs, Heat, Lakers, bought their help? Isn’t it stronger for a player to say he knows he needs help vs thinking he can do it solo? I don’t get it lol..

@brfootball Warriors = Real Madrid!
Lakers = FC Barcelona!
Celtics = Liverpool!
Knicks = Manchester United!.

Watching the Celtics lose will never be bad for the soul. Even when it’s to the Lakers..

Well, Lakers fans watched 20 other teams in the playoffs 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Sei que o time não tá podendo se dar o luxo de perder uma oportunidade dessa mas o Kyrie Irving irritou tanto por causa da vacina que prefiro que ele fique bem longe do Lakers..

I like how the Lakers and the Knicks have learned absolutely nothing from their failed roster builds..

My 2 favorite players getting traded for each other would be wild, outside of Kawhi n PG would should been lakers i always wanted Kyrie on my Lakers even though Russ getting a ring on Lakers would be love but oh well lets see what happens #LakeShow.

@jasenb73 @StephenCurry30 He had a ring beating up on an injured cavs team. Kyrie and Kevin Love were out. Also he said he’d want to go the Heat or the Warriors if he wasn’t ALREADY on the Lakers..

The Lakers are not looking for anymore old geezers to join the team.

@BTrail7O7 every week he had a amazing game i remember against lakers when he didn’t miss for like 10 3s..

@Panaflanman I think a bluish purple is more unique than a bright yellow. You’re right that a neon purple is still very close to the Kings or Lakers, but any color is going to be close to another team’s color. I just think purple is more Jazz than the yellow. I’d prefer green over yellow too.

𝗚𝗔𝗥𝗬 𝗣𝗔𝗬𝗧𝗢𝗡 𝗜𝗜: 𝗣𝗚 Fez um temporada incrível pelos Warriors, é um dos nome que eu ofereceria a TPMLE, mas irá receber ofertas melhores. Viria para ser o armador reserva, ele é aquele jogador que faz um pouco de tudo, me lembra o Caruso, gosto demais..

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Lakers Win,Lakers Win on twitter tweets Lakers Photo

𝗝𝗘𝗩𝗢𝗡 𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗘𝗥: 𝗣𝗚 Tem 26 anos, na última temporada jogou pelos Nets e Bucks, acho que é um boa opção para ser o armador reserva. Poderia ajudar na marcação dos armadores adversários, consegue arremessar do perímetro e pode vir pelo mínimo de veterano..

Lakers Photo,Lakers Photo by Lakers Win,Lakers Win on twitter tweets Lakers Photo


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