#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Twitter: Most Popular Tweets India & More News

I never thought i would enjoy and love the combination of #RanveerSingh and #AliaBhatt this much. Fab start #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 #KoffeeWithKaranOnHotstar @karanjohar @aliaa08 @RanveerOfficial.

I hate everyone who makes Ranveer feel that he is frivolous. He is such a beautiful, sweet & emotional person ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ILYSM @RanveerOfficial 🥳 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

My sweet little potato @aliaa08 ILYSM 🥺❤️ #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

@DisneyPlusHS its about time you bring your content to Australia 🥲 @karanjohar #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 #KWKONHotstar.

#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo,#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo by Pravallika Anjuri,Pravallika Anjuri on twitter tweets #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo

#AliaBhatt reveals how her love story with #RanbirKapoor started with a faulty plane seat on #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 @aliaa08.

#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Was so much because of #RanveerSingh. As far as the episode goes, we have seen better. But my fav moment has to be when #AliaBhatt spoke about what she and #RanbirKapoor said to each other before they started getting ready for the wedding..

in the middle of the jungle♥️
He just carried the ring, He captured photos of their moments by the help of guide 😭♥️
Finally he found the one, look at her excitement level & love in her voice!
#RanbirKapoor #AliaBhatt #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 #KoffeeWithKaranOnHotstar.

#DeepikaPadukone did three bhansali movies, so sanjay sir has promised me four !!!!
Waah waah waah, and that is how nepotism works !!!!!

seated for #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 ☕️😍.

Finallyy gonna start watching #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 🥰.


and i absolutely loved ranveer! he just has this positive aura and energy around him which is so cool 🦋

Ranno’s mimic of Varun OMGGGG 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 I love this clown 🤡 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.


i am obsessed with #RanveerSingh’s energy omg #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

Popular show among youngsters and families alike #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 starts today with the first show having #Bollywood stars @RanveerOfficial and @aliaa08. It promises to be another exciting season. #RanveerSingh #AliaBhatt #Indian #Trending #Entertainment #Newsnight.

Ranbir proposing Alia in a jungle with a photographer 🥺🥺🥺 Me is liking them🥹♥️

ranveer singh is soo entertaining his rapid fire was too good!! 🔥

#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo,#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo by fahad,fahad on twitter tweets #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo


Ranveer was the only good thing in that episode #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

episode kisi aur ka tha , trend rk and alia ho rhe h , lmao😭😭 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

Not Alia & Ranno discussing about Aloo’s fight with Carol 😭😭😭😭 Dumbasses 💕💕💕 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

Two constant moods while watching #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 🥺😂.

#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo,#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo by Alia.Bhatt.edits,Alia.Bhatt.edits on twitter tweets #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo


i cant stop laughing lmfaooo😭😭🐍🐍🐍 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 letssgooooo.

#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo,#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo by k.,k. on twitter tweets #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo

Ranbir wanted to marry Alia when he saw her on the sets of SOTY? Hmmmm #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

#RanveerSingh #AliaBhatt #HappyBirthday #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 #KaranJohar #ChessOlympiad #Deepika #KoffeeWithKaranOnHotstar #koffeewithkarans7.

Varun and I have the best chemistry – @aliaa08 😭😭🥺🥺❤️❤️ My children 🥰 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.


#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo,#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo by Akhilesh Kumar,Akhilesh Kumar on twitter tweets #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 Photo

@karanjohar @DisneyPlusHS @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @apoorvamehta18 @jahnvio @aneeshabaig @Dharmatic_ Really wonderful 😊 show A complete entertainer. @karanjohar you are ultimate sir ♥😍 Thank you @RanveerOfficial bro & @aliaa08 for coming to #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithKaranOnHotstar #RanveerSingh #AliaBhatt #karanjohar.


@aliaa08 @RanveerOfficial @karanjohar you guys were a riot together 😭😭❤️
Definitely one of the best episodes ever. Was smiling and laughing throughout 😭😭🤌 #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 #AliaBhatt #RanveerSingh.

As a Baba fan, I had a blast! @RanveerOfficial is all love and thunder! #KoffeewithKaranSeason7.

#KoffeewithKaranSeason7 10 mins in and I keep seeing Karan’s face go like “shut up already Alia” 😂🙈🙈.

@karanjohar @DisneyPlusHS @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @apoorvamehta18 @jahnvio @aneeshabaig @Dharmatic_ Smiled and laughed!! So happy to see #KoffeewithKaranSeason7 is back with a bang!! A thoroughly enjoyable episode! Please keep doing this show like forever❤️❤️.


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