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If he’s traded, Kyrie would like the Nets to consider working with: – Lakers
– Clippers
– Knicks
– Heat
– Mavs
– 76ers None currently have the cap space to acquire him (via @wojespn).

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Kyrie Irving, Nets are at impasse in conversations about his future in Brooklyn, clearing way for the seven-time All-Star to consider the open market, via @ShamsCharania Lakers and Knicks are expected to emerge among potential suitors 👀.

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Entering Game 5, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have combined for 999 3-pointers in their playoff careers. That is more than 9 active franchises. Hornets

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The Nets and New York Knicks have agreed to trade Kyrie Irving for Kemba Walker, Alec Burks, Evan Fournier, the 11th pick and a protected 2023 first round pick. The deal will be completed when Kyrie opts into his deal and is expected to sign a contract extension with the Knicks..

Minha análise depois de 2 meses assistindo basquete: Celtics= Santos. Vive de passado Warriors= Palmeiras. Time do moment
Lakers= Fla-Cor. Time dos vagabundos
Bulls= Vasco. Tira os anos 90 e acaba
Phoenix= Fluminense 🍿🍿🍿
Knicks = Botafogo. Ficou no passado. Errei?.

New York Knicks, equipo del este de Sevilla..

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Latest Knicks mock draft picks: ESPN:
11. AJ Griffin (below)
42. Hugo Besson Bleacher Report:
11. Malaki Branham
42. Justin Lewis.

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nos está diciendo este papanatas que hay que ser sólo del equipo local cuando es de los NEW YORK knicks y su foto de perfil es de un gringo, simplemente eres retrasao..

Do fans of every team outside of the Knicks meet monthly to discuss dumb, one-sided trades that they should propose on NBA twitter? Like I’m sure THT and a 2047 1st gets the job done for RJ Barrett..

@ChinaJoeFlynn To be clear this is more about Griffin falling than Knicks specifically loving Branham.

NBA Mock Draft : Knicks trade up to finally solve PG problem.

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I feel bad for fans of good teams like the Warriors… They miss out on all this draft fun Knicks fans get to have year after year…after year.

@Francszk_ Por que tú eres de los Knicks por nacer en Nueva York, no? Dejad de hacer el ridículo que ser de un equipo grande no es sólo por que “ganan”, los catetos sois vosotros pensando eso.

No me había percatado yo que el amigo era de los Knicks 🤣🤣🤣 Cuánto hipócrita hay por aquí por favor, no habrá pisado NY en su vida ni tendrá relación alguna con la ciudad pero en el baloncesto esta teoría que nos cuenta no debe de servir.

During this whole process, I refused to believe Griffin could possibly fall to 11. But experts keep mocking him to the Knicks. Could it really be possible? Is it all due to his medical history? Perhaps prospect fatigue?.

the new york knicks never deserved carmelo anthony and as a knicks fan that hurts to say 💔.

I dont “hate” Julius Randle, I just know it’s best for the Knicks organization to get rid of him by any means necessary.


@jazndz Y yo no digo que lo sea porque gane, digo que me parece gracioso que alguien que tiene 0 arraigo con los New York Knicks, decida serlo y criticar al vecino porque es de un equipo de fútbol con el que sí comparte ciertas cosas..

Como vas a ser del Real Madrid 🤨😡 si eres de Albacete? 😬😵‍💫 Mejor apoya al equipo de tu pueblo 👨‍👩‍👦🏘 los New York Knicks 😎🏀.

Daily reminder that Randle making it to Knicks training camp makes this szn a failure before it begins.

Mit den heutigen Ereignissen dürfte die Kurve für 2022 einen Knicks erfahren. #Skyguide #Schweiz.

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NBA Mock Draft : Knicks trade up to finally solve PG problem.

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Hard to pick just one.
Rangers: Messier hat trick Game 6 94 ECF
Yankees: Matsui Game 6 09 WS 3 hits, 6 RBI.
UConn: Hamilton 99 NC 27 pts & 8 rebs.
Knicks: Ewing Game 7 94 ECF 24, 22 & 7.
Jets: Pennington 02 WC. 19-15 222 yds 3 tds..

@knicks_tape99 Drakes basement looks like Guantanamo bay full of people that crossed him up.

no vivo en ciudad ni cerca de una y con 5 años la mayor influencia futbolística de mi familia eran mis primos de madrid pero viene un tío de albacete con un avatar de los knicks de new york a explicarme que soy del madrid porque gana.

Suns C DeAndre Ayton could stay with Suns according to odds released by @BovadaOfficial. Pistons +225
Pacers +275
Suns +300
Spurs +650
Hornets +800
Trail Blazers +1000
Thunder +1400
Rockets +1800
Magic +1800
Bulls +3300
Warriors +5000
Knicks +5000
Nets +8000
Lakers +8000.

@truther_dare @GUEROMEXICAN831 In the 1985 NBA draft lottery its widely believed David Stern (commissioner and NYC native) rigged it so the Knicks could get the #1 pick and Patrick Ewing by freezing their envelopes..

Cassell is of the coaches i was hoping the Knicks would hire when they fire Thibs but instead they chose to retain the 64 year old stubborn coach… 🙄.

This team had a worse point differential than the “going nowhere Knicks” last season.


Manifesting the Knicks get another pick or trade down, in order to draft Blake Wesley 🙏🏻.


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