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While the ‘brave’ Nihangs are busy torturing and killing a mentally ill person and a Zomato delivery guy. And ISI puppets in Canada, US and Europe are dreaming about #Khalistan..

Somebody wish to brandish unsheathed sword here, lime u did Mata Kali devi temple in name of Khalistan Zindabad. Now what happened, show some courage hypocrites #Khalistanis.

ये तो ग़लत बात है , शिया बनने का option क्यूँ नहीं दे रहे शांतिप्रिय तालिबानी ISIS Vs #Khalistan Vs #Taliban.

Khalistan Photo,Khalistan Photo by One Alchemist,One Alchemist on twitter tweets Khalistan Photo

@sardukhai @ANI Pro Khalistan walon ko bhej do saari aukaat samajh me aa jaegi 😅.

Idhar aa jao Khalistan bhi toh banana hai Hindus ko maarna bhi hai Sher puttar banna hai 🔥🔥.

@Swamy39 Why sir ?? No need . Inko Afghanistan se bacha ke Lao phir ye aapiya ban Kar khalistan samarthak ban jayeinge aur samarthak na bhi bane to unka virodh bhi kabhi nhi kareinge . Jaroorat nhi faltu ki udti teer lene ki .sorry main apki izzat karta hoon but ye idea bekar hai ..

@republic They seek help from Indian government but on other hand want Khalistan. Go ask your terrorists group who are sitting in Canada.

बिलकुल सही दंगाई को तुरंत गोली मार देनी चाहिए. अगर किसान आंदोलन, land reform, khalistan supporters को समय पर गोली मर देते तो ये नौबत नहीं आती.

@ANI Idhar aa jao Khalistan bhi toh banana hai Hindus ko maarna bhi hai Sher puttar banna hai 🔥🔥.

@gurdeepsappal @Madhuka83630118 Tu Pakistan Chala ja
Nahi to Canada
Nahi to Khalistan.

@ANI khalistan, kissan Andolan aur CAA mein GoI yaad nahi aayi. khud par hamla hua tab abb GoI kuchh kare iski guhar laga rahe hai..

@VarunKrRana @smita_muk Khalistanis want to establish Khalistan in Himachal.
Not one of them interested in rescuing their brothers in Pakistan and Afghanistan..

@GurpreetNS @mssirsa Tera dimag kharab ho gya hai buddhe.
Kisi psychiatrist ko dikha de.
Tum log chahiye toh khalistan le lo.
Lekin hindu onke khilap bolna band kr do.
Vaise bhi tum sikh log aaur mzlmn logonko me farak kaha hai?.

@ANI O naji na yeh sub Khalistan karke desh ko aur barbaad karna chahte hain yeh sub chaal hai.

@AshDubey_ Govt should simply refuse to listen to them or express inability to interfere in Afg internal matter. It should say it cannot be seen intervening for Sikhs and not for Hindus in Bangladesh. Also, why should it help Khalistan backing SGPC?.

Sure – Khalistan forces in Canada/ other places abroad & Punjab are fuming – Their counter strike will be swift & decisive. Is ISI kindling Khalistan issue? OR Is ISI instigating ISIS to act against Sikhs or is there no connection between the two ?.

@Swamy39 If Sikh’s could have their own county, they would be safer! Sikh’s are brave and courageous, they don’t need anyone’s help! Let them be free! #Khalistan ❤️.

Or fir yaha aake khalistan ki mang karege sahi kaha na gajab hai bhai wahi khalistan bana.

@VarunKrRana Pro Khalistanis shd demand Khalistan in at least try.

@ChillamChilli_ .
Shame on Khalistanis who work with Pakistan.
Pakistan has Destroyed Punjab Youth with Drugs.
Pak destroyed Gurudwaras & ForciblyConverted SikhGirls.
We are proud of Sikh Brothers
Punjab Border State was No 1 State. Wakeup Sikh Brothers. ClickRead.

@Pradeep42961933 @Incognito_qfs First listen me you all are modi servant and you didn’t know what your modi want to do “we are sikhs we aren’t your modi bhagat “ – khalistan jindabad.

@Harj0890 @sidhant Brother you really think you can win a debate with a cow urine jab? The guys who say that often are butchering Sikhs in Pak as well as Afg.
Save your co-religionists from the Abrahamics instead of hating on Hindus. Wish you all the luck for a Khalistan with its capital at Kabul..

@IndianSinghh The Canadian Khalistan leaders will go to Afghanistan with swords and knives to solve the will repeat this.

@Jugrajsahota7 @Incognito_qfs Hamare jameen m mat le jaake pakistan Punjab khalistan mange ya phir duniya mange tujhe pta chal jayga ab ye bhindrawala india ko alag manaynge bhsdiwalo ko 🤣🤣.

@harsh78880898 @SaffronSword12 Sikh Khalistan kyun mangte Hain kyunki tum log musalmanon ke sath sath sikho per bhi julum karte ho Christians pye bhi juluam karte ho tum log or unhen unki marji se ibadat Nahin karne dete tabhi Sikh khalistan ki demand karte Hain.

Sikhs according to them whereas, majority of Sikhs were and are still not in favour of Khalistan..

@maanahsk @iffiViews Wo ghar hindu ki tarf se tore jare hain not Sidhu sikha ha hindu nahi jahil
Or sikh india se alehda hone chate ha
Kabi khalistan movement ka nam suna ho to pta chale.

Ki kehnde ne jedde mangde ne Khalistan? Kashmir India ne dhakke naal dabb liya, Punjab nai dabb sakde? Aa la fadd sacrilege oh sorry beadbi! #Kabul #Afghanistan.

@ANI Khalistan supports se maang lo aam dino mein wohi tumhare well wishers hain.

@TheMSingh How can they be indic people. As per #Khalistan they are exclusive to themselves.


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