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NDA Candidate for the Presidential Polls. Smt. Draupadi Murmu. When elected, she will be the very first tribal President of India in history. First President from Odisha. She is the first woman Governor of Jharkhand. From struggle in poverty to the road to Rashtrapati Bhawan. 🇮🇳.

#Jharkhand Photo,#Jharkhand Photo by Aditya Raj Kaul,Aditya Raj Kaul on twitter tweets #Jharkhand Photo


#WATCH | Jharkhand: Protest over the controversial remarks by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma turned violent in Ranchi. Vehicles were torched and vandalised and stone-pelting occurred. Injuries reported..


UP, Bihar और Jharkhand का education system इतना बढ़िया है कि आदमी graduation करने के बाद भी English में अपना नाम नहीं लिख सकता! But Govt is not ready to improve it. Because BJP govt wants everyone to remain uneducated like BJP politicians. So that nobody can ask them question..


#UPDATE | All internet services temporarily suspended in Ranchi till 6 am on 11th June, in wake of protests in the city today. #Jharkhand.


Ranchi, Jharkhand | SSP, SP City, DSP City, Daily Market Police Station Incharge and some other Police personnel who were controlling the situation during the protests, sustained injuries. Injuries reported among civilians too. Further details awaited. #Jharkhand.

जब खुदा पूछेगा महशर में क्या लाएं हो मै मुदस्सिर कह दूंगा तेरे रसूल मुहम्मद ﷺ पर जान कुर्बान कर आया हूं !! इन्ना लिल्लाहि व इन्ना इलाही राजीऊन #Jharkhand.

#Jharkhand Photo,#Jharkhand Photo by All Indian Muslim Council - آل انڈین مسلم کونسل,All Indian Muslim Council - آل انڈین مسلم کونسل on twitter tweets #Jharkhand Photo

Jharkhand is a non-BJP The police have at least shown greater action in dealing with scoundrels than the napusankised police of UP, Delhi and other BJP.

@ndtv Dear @ndtv add this one coming from Ranchi, Jharkhand Oops 😬 I forgot this version doesn’t suits your propaganda. Ahem ahem*.

बिहार सरकार के पथ निर्माण मंत्री नितिन नवीन पर आज रांची में जानलेवा हमला
बल बल बचे नितिन नवीन उपद्रवियों ने उनकी गाड़ी को बुरी तरह से क्षतिग्रस्त किया @NitinNabin #Ranchi.

Jharkhand police openly fire against muslims in which one muslim whose name is Mudassir is died and 11 other muslims are injured during police Aur haa mera desh secular hai🙂

जब खुदा पूछेगा महशर में क्या लाएं हो मैं कह दूंगा तेरे रसूल मुहम्मद ﷺ पर जान कुर्बान कर आया हूं!! Modassir -रांची 😢📿 #Jharkhand.

@Tauseef65487524 @JharkhandPolice Jharkhand police ne hi ye video bheji hai punctureputra😂🤣.

@Mystic_Tamil I am yet to be convinced that one can be, a Vadak male and not be annoying at the same time. The last vadak male I didn’t find annoying I would later realize was actually a female from Jharkhand… I would’ve been more polite….

#Jharkhand – नूपुर के बयान पर बवाल के बाद पूरे रांची शहर में कर्फ्यू लगाया गया….

Maariye na sir goli chalaiye Madharc#od par and then the jawan of Jharkhand Police opened fire in which one died, about 12 people were injured. #RanchiNews.

In BJP ruled states police comes in action for safety of citizens but in jharkhand , WB and Maharashtra police get the heat of these pinchar wale 😡❓️.

Ranji Trophy: Bengal qualify for last four after draw against Jharkhand in quarter-final.

Do You Know ?
– The World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen Jharkhand for the World No Tobacco Day Award 2022, in recognition of the state’s efforts to reduce tobacco usage..

#Jharkhand Photo,#Jharkhand Photo by पालीवाल कृष्णा गर्ल्स लाइब्रेरी , खुर्जा,पालीवाल कृष्णा गर्ल्स लाइब्रेरी , खुर्जा on twitter tweets #Jharkhand Photo

जब खुदा पूछेगा महशर में क्या लाएं हो मैं कह दूंगा तेरे रसूल मुहम्मद ﷺ पर जान कुर्बान कर आया हूं!! Mudassir from Ranchi #Jharkhand

Protests in public places without permission, vandalism of public property, destruction of Hindu temples after Friday nmaj. Now Friday will be stone pelting day 1. Uttar Pradesh 2. Jharkhand 3. Haidrawad 4 New Delhi 5. Maharashtra 6. Karnataka 7. Telangana 8. West Bengal.

Jamshedpur: जेएनएसी के किराये के विरोध में शहर के व्यापारियों का चैंबर में भारी जुटान, आज से काला बिल्ला लगाकर करेंगे काम, प्रशासन ने नहीं माना जो फिर विरोध-प्रदर्शन.

@MJALSHRIKA @OIC_OCI Ranchi jharkhand 8 to 10 people are injured, a Muslim boy under the age of 18 has died, two or three policemen are also injured, curfew has been imposed in the main road.

@shanu_sab Proud Of You Jharkhand Well done🙇‍♀️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳.

@AJArabic Whatever Mudassar had said was Islam Zindabad, he was shot dead by Jharkhand Police..

2 Muslims were murdered by #Ranchi Hindu police severely injured after police opened fire Jharkhand state to quell protests by thousands of Muslims who had gathered to protest disparaging comments of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammad.

@RTErdogan Jharkhand Ranchi police Indian Muslims Protesting against Hate Speechs On Our nabi e Paak Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Dimanding to Arrest Noopur Sharma but government supportin them And Killing Indian Muslims.

So are you calling NITI AAYOG source as WhatsApp source?? Are you questioning Mudi government data?? If you know to read (which I doubt), go thru this article from one of your Godi media..

The English speaking liberal urban Twitter elites of this country have been losing ground for a while, their impact on how the country runs has been reduced to zero. Be it Karnataka or jharkhand today, one thing is evident religious polarization is tearing the country apart..

@Millat_Times @IrfanAnsariMLA Jharkhand Ranchi police Indian Muslims Protesting against Hate Speechs On Our Nabi e Paak Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Dimanding to Arrest Noopur Sharma but government supportin them And Killing Indian Muslims.

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