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Back in 2018, Somali man whose deportation from the UK was stopped by plane passengers raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS. The Peckham protesters aren’t the good people they think they are ….

This wannabe stuck in the 7th century has been arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police. No place for ISIS-style beheadings in the civilised world. Stop normalising mindless jihadist violence..


Ericsson is now also being investigated by @SECGov for its conduct in Iraq, months after the telecom giant said @TheJusticeDept accused it of breaching a billion-dollar corruption settlement by failing to disclose its dealings with ISIS. #EricssonList.

@SameeraKhan Okay Khan. Few more questions-
According to you, are these truth or fake-
1. Earth is flat
2. Taliban are peaceful 3. ISIS is solidarity.

طالبانو په کابل کې د داعش ډلې د یو ’مهم ‘ قوماندان د وژل کیدو خبر ورکړی.

บอดี้สูทแหวกฉี่ยาก แต่แหวกเย็ดสบาย😁😁😁 คืนนี้ลงคลิปในอลฟค้าบ🥰🥰.

ISIS Photo,ISIS Photo by 🐱music swing😺,🐱music swing😺 on twitter tweets ISIS Photo

Складно, канєш, вибирати найулюбленіші альбоми, коли їх дохуїща, причому в різних жанрах, тому вирішив обрати по одному релізу з різних стилів: хіп-хоп – Aesop Rock, металкор – Сonverge, пост-мітол – Isis і взяти щось з електроніки – Burial. Вийшов ось такий результат.

ISIS Photo,ISIS Photo by Олександр Дорошенко,Олександр Дорошенко on twitter tweets ISIS Photo

JUST IN: Terror attack on Gurdwara in Kabul, by ISIS. There were around 25 people inside Gurudwara when attack took place. Terrorists executed attack when Sikh community gathered for prayer. Till now 2 people dead,few injured & trapped inside. @BalMalkitSingh @BNNBreaking.

ISIS Photo,ISIS Photo by BNN 🇮🇳 Newsroom,BNN 🇮🇳 Newsroom on twitter tweets ISIS Photo

Although Turkey-ISIS relations have been proven by documents in the free press, in many news in the international press, and in the confessions of imprisoned ISIS elements, the killing of ISIS leaders in areas under Turkish control has once again revealed the facts..

Amazing how often ISIS leaders are found in territory held by Turkey, who apparently had absolutely no idea they were.

Ada pepatah musuh satu terlalu banyak,kawan 1000 terlalu sedikit,lhaaaah padahal musuh kita lebih dr satu ada
Al qoida
Khilafatul DII

Sorry Shammy, I pissed away the last of my faux compassion on George Floyd 😘.

I had to do a double take – I first read that as .. Earth as seen by ISIS 😳.

@Sii1407 ووووع هالنوع من البشر ماحبهم 😷😷🤢🤢أحس وراهم بلاوي وهاللحيه ديكور چنه terrorist ولا ISIS وكلها ريحة نجاسة چنه طالع من بلاعه ونتو بكرامة 💔💔💔.

La feria de libros de #Raqqa abre sus puertas. Cuando esta ciudad era la capital de #ISIS, miembros del grupo quemaban libros y prohibían su venta.

ISIS Photo,ISIS Photo by Amina Hussein,Amina Hussein on twitter tweets ISIS Photo

@docemdy @supernegatrona Yes. Si Isis sya.
Regarding Elektra Woman & Dyna Girl, may funny thing ako about it. Hindi ko sila tanda but when I saw yung car nila, pamilyar. Yung car ang naalala ko. Hehehe.

On October 27, 2019, ISIS “Caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died in a US operation in the village of Barışa, 4 km from the Turkish border, in the same way, during which helicopter landings took place..

The US-led Coalition Forces had previously carried out an operation with helicopters in the regions close to the Turkish border, killing the top ISIS commanders..


ISIS are also Muslims, Boko Haram are also Muslims, Taliban are also Muslims, Houthis are also Muslims lol.


@VanishPerish @Reuters Ok then you are terrorist lover and supporter. I wish you happiness with ISIS, PKK/YPG, Al-kaida and others. Everybody knows the hypocrisy of Europeans very well already. Fairy :)).

@MiiaMustang @ToniAlaranta Ääriuskovaisille taivasosuutta ja taivasten valtakuntaa tavoitteleville vierastaistelijoille, viimeistään vuodesta 2012,ellei jo vuotta aiemmin, ja eri ulkomaiden – mm. länsimaiden – tuolloin materiaalisesti tukemana. ISIS tuli sitten brändinä kuvioihin myöhemmin. Imho..

@AhmedAsif144 True hold 179 terrorist organisation around the world yet UN never said a the other hand peaceful org like ISIS targeted by all western world.

@NIAbbot He seemed to forget to mention the atrocities committed by ISIS and Turkish army in Syria..

@Brasseytacks @GaryLineker Thank Blair for any invasions in the Middle East and you seem to be ignoring the ISIS attacks on the West( how odd)
So blaming Priti Patel isn’t relevant.
It seems to me that the Middle East can blame Assad for murdering his own ppl alongside Saddam Hussein for action taken..

Melusine also in my name Louise Melia, Melia meaning manna and one of my Last incarnation. From my first incarnation IO born of Melia Oceanus and zues sangreal blood line as Jesus Horus my Son as ISIS. DNA testing is now underway. 💦⚡️🔱🕊⚜️.

ISIS Photo,ISIS Photo by LOUISE MELIA,LOUISE MELIA on twitter tweets ISIS Photo

have to を感じ、ネガティブな感情を持つと、チャクラが開かず、能力も活性化しません。.

@ByDonkeys Did he mention the atrocities committed by ISIS and Turkish army in Syria ? I could have missed 🤔🤔🤔.

طالبانو په کابل کې د داعش ډلې د یو ’مهم ‘ قوماندان د وژل کیدو خبر ورکړی.

@LittleBoats2020 But mate. They ran away and left the women to deal with the Taliban, and isis. They aren’t going to stay behind and look after women, not when women are property, and less valuable than their iPhones. This was in MOS that’s what they think of women.


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