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10th Hindu Rashra Adhiveshan, 2022 concludes in Goa with passing 12 Hindutva Resolutions.
At the successful end of this convention the following resolutions were passed by the participants with great enthusiasm and pride.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Gayatri Gouda,Gayatri Gouda on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

Temples are the breath of Hinduism 🛕🛕🛕 If you want to live as a Hindu, temples must be protected #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by 🚩 DIPTI 🚩,🚩 DIPTI 🚩 on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

हिन्दुओं की हिन्दू राष्ट्र की अभिलाषा सूचित करनेवाली घटनाएं ! – पू. (अधिवक्ता) हरि शंकर जैनजी संरक्षक, हिन्दू फ्रंट फॉर जस्टिस, देहली @Vishnu_Jain1 ✊🚩#We_Want_HinduRashtra🚩✊✊ #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success.

Multiple issues
One platform
One aim Hindu Rashtra

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by teena khera,teena khera on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

Money and material happiness can be gained from the present education. After teaching advanced ancient Hindu culture, we can fight hedonism and materialism. The present curriculum is failing to develop all-round students. #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Siddalinga P J,Siddalinga P J on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

✊ No matter what crisis befalls Hindus, do not abandon Dharma. Hindus should make a resolve that ‘I will not abandon Hindu Dharma even if any ideology of other religions 🚩
Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj,🚩 श्री राम 🚩 #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Siddalinga P J,Siddalinga P J on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

#🚩Awareness on various modes to awaken Hindus at the 10th Akhil Bharatiya #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success 👉 It is possible to awaken Hindus only by practicing Hindu Dharma by oneself! – Dayal Harjani, Businessman, Hong Kong.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Shraddha Gavade,Shraddha Gavade on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success 🎤 Listen to : Pandit Satish K Sharma, Dharmik Theologian, Hindu Philosopher, England, UK ✊🏻 To successfully oppose Hinduphobia, Hindus should develop a plan !.

Mass media contribute immensely to the establishment of Hindu Rashtra! – @Abhishek_oss Chairman, Odisha Surakhya Sena, Cuttack, Odisha The anti-Hindu face of the communists should be brought to the fore using the media #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Akshay Kumar Y C,Akshay Kumar Y C on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

🚩No one can stop us from making India an Akhand #HinduRashtra – Tiger Raja Singh MLA, Telangana.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Snehal Patil,Snehal Patil on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

Har ek baat par charcha hui isme khass bat Hindu jo tax bharte hai uske paise ka vinitog muslim aur Isaiyo pe kharch Kiya jata hai
Q bhai Hinduo ka Paisa Hinduo pe kharch karo
Hamare desh me jyada Tax bharnewale Hindu hi hai na
To pair aisa kyu?

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Pravin Giri,Pravin Giri on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo

Halal economy is a conspiracy to destabilize the Indian economy! – Shri. Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success.

#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo,#Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo by Akshay Kumar Y C,Akshay Kumar Y C on twitter tweets #Hindu_Adhiveshan_Goa_Success Photo


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