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Gill, Shirin, Asad Umar trash DG ISPR Gen Iftikhar’s repeated assertion that there was no evidence of US conspiracy to oust their govt. Their demand of a judicial probe implies that the army high command is either lying or hiding the truth or worse. Interesting times!.

#ShehnaazGill dazzles in the new photos by #DabbooRatnani, take a look @ishehnaaz_gill @DabbooRatnani.

#ShehnaazGill looks absolutely breathtaking in recently released picture @ishehnaaz_gill.

Gill Photo,Gill Photo by BritAsia TV,BritAsia TV on twitter tweets Gill Photo

Actress Shehnaaz Gill looks stunningly beautiful in this pictures-షెహనాజ్‌ గిల్‌ల లుక్స్ అదుర్స్ #ShehnaazGill Photos 👇.

@MNG_GiLL بھٹو نے کوششیں کیتی سی نا جاگیردار طبقہ ختم کرنے کی.

@kamleshc63 Yeah bro he is out. Injured hai. He missed SA series as well. He has not recovered aisa rumours aa rha hai subah se. If he is fit then Gill ke jagah aayega woh..

Ashwini commentating along with Gill. And she is actually making points that makes sense..

@gill_sinead ❤️ We love this!! Sinead what a fantastic summary! #SparkSummit22 👏🏻👏🏻.

@gill____n مشكلتي اسوي مصايب كثيير وامي تعاقبني تخليني اغسلها.

dpk yuk yukkk jajan pdfnya gaiis. ada pdf tere liye bumi series sagaras bibi gill bedebah di ujung tanduk si anak savana janji, 7k aja perebook lengkap bgt gais ada semua judulnyaa. ada keigo jugaa sama lexie xu sender lg seret bgt nieh yuk jajannn:(.

@CricCrazyJohns Trust Pant, Iyer, Gill and Shaw. Generational talents who will be much better than Tendulkar, Virat and Yuvi.

Queens seabed auction value swells to £5 billion on windfarms.

@MNG_GiLL اسی اودوں آکھدے سی چوکیدار دا کم نہیں سیاست وچ مداخلت کرنا تے آکھدا سی پھوجی نا کریں تو سیاست دان بیچ کے کھا جائیں پھوج جو کرتی ہے ٹھیک کرتی ہے اور چوکیدار وی نہیں آکھنا چاہیے 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Inquiry committee to probe scholarship issue of Shahbaz Gill’s wife.

Gill Photo,Gill Photo by Mohsin Nisar Malik,Mohsin Nisar Malik on twitter tweets Gill Photo

@haroon_natamam یقین نہیں ہے اور کسی اور کے بارے میں نہیں جانتا۔ لیکن جناب آپ تو صرف پنجابی کے حامی ہیں۔.

@Samishsanthosh1 Both have an issue or two v the moving ball I guess. Mayank showed some fighting spirit in SA (even though technique perhaps let him down) and Gill was decent in Southampton. Better to go with the opener who is expected to take his place in Gill..

【ギル神田店】6/16 未使用中古グローブ&フェイスガード!
⇒ #アメブロ @ameba_officialより.

Sneak preview of content; Dear PM
I’m off, I would sooner work for the devil himself than you, at least he admits he’s evil. Can’t take anymore of your lies, scams, incompetence & general disregard for citizens, common sense & decency.
Yours Geidt Ps you’re a bad scruff too.

@gill____n الحمد لله والله بحسب انا لحالي ببكي بحسب حالي مجنونه يعني في ناس كذا اخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخ.

@Gill_Catterall can do as cherries can get Silver leaf disease which enters through pruning and other wounds so any pruning should be done in summer when spores least about.

@Msdhoni2lion @ishehnaaz_gill yeh episode ki clip hai ya voot shorts ki? Mujhe yeh clip chahiye.

@Fancricket12 Interesting scenario now Sir do u open with Shubman Gill or with Mayank as yr opener considering he is in the squad as an Extra batter.

@iHadeel_x ما يحب الصيف الا اللي ٢٤ ساعة نايم ولا قد شاف الشمس له سنتين.

@dweplea Rohit
Boom I prefer Shardul over Iyer here..

Looking forward to a day of insightful education and skills discussions at #NPEESS22 up in the beautiful Manchester 🐝 We’re kicking off with an introduction from @Gill_Morris of @DevoConnect.

Gill Photo,Gill Photo by Tom Hunter,Tom Hunter on twitter tweets Gill Photo

@ramanmann1974 Kuch nahi hona. One riot one loose statement from owaisi will make awaken the soya hua hindu again..

@indian_tvcouple @ishehnaaz_gill She is always best #ShehnaazGill #Shehnaazians Shehnaaz kaur Gill ❤.

@Keir_Starmer Ot would be exactly the same under you! Establishment push to sovereign state to enrich the wealthy more whilst we all become slaves with no rights .
Your great/grandparents would be ashamed – this is what they fought against in WW2 and what patriotism
Fascist = Lab/Tory.

This Ara is known as shehnazz gill Ara their is no compersan with this sittaning actres she is one peace 🕊️
The whole Pakistan also love shehnazz more then India I gues beacuse of her innocent nature she is blast, mega star ✨

Gill Photo,Gill Photo by Zahid Zaadii,Zahid Zaadii on twitter tweets Gill Photo

@kumarvadivel99 @mufaddal_vohra नहीं, ऋतुराज को इतनी जल्दी मौका नहीं मिलेगा, वो आयरलैंड दौरे पर होगा.
prithvi, panchl or mayank but Gill hi playing11 me hoga🤔.


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