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Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” -Quote that is often attributed to the Talmud #fridaymorning thoughts.

आपका व्यवहार ही Master Key है जो दूसरों के दिल के दरवाजे खोल सकता है तो लोगों के मुंह पर ताला भी लगा सकता है. #सुप्रभात

हिन्दुओ का 20 रुपये वाला पंचाग और नासा के अरबो के सेटेलाइट दोनों हर बार ग्रहण का एक ही समय बताते है..
@IASassociation #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by AJAY AWASTHI,AJAY AWASTHI on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

In order to to earn the devotional wealth that will help us to go to our actual home, we need to follow the method of worship given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj @SaintRampalJiM
Visit Satlok Asharm YouTube Channel

उम्मीद है आज का शुक्रवार हंगामेदार न हो। आप सभी को सुप्रभात😊
#goodmorning @indian_anchors #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Unnati Bhatnagar,Unnati Bhatnagar on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

We need to see her live …📍⬇️
Tv 📍
@January6thCmte 📍⬇️
#fridaymorning VankaPro🌞🌊🌊🌊.

Little early for Prosecco so I chose coffee 💕 #FridayMorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Alex Gear & Tech,Alex Gear & Tech on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Being old or sick, when a person is lying on a cot and tears are flowing in his eyes, then there is no protection, there is pain at the time of death. It is said that those who do not do devotion.
@SaintRampalJiM #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Mohan,Mohan on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

One should always be satisfied (i)with his wife, (ii)with his diet and (iii)with his wealth; but never with (i)his studies, (ii)his austerity and penance,(iii)with his donation and gifts to the deserving persons. Chanakya Neeti 💛
Donate Liberally!
#fridaymorning #chanakyaniti.

Nuestro homenaje del #Viernes #fridaymorning a @lgaretio @juandoming.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by AEFOL #Expoelearning,AEFOL #Expoelearning on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

I like my music, but for some reason Freddie King was never on my radar until recently. Such raw in your face low down blues. I think his guitar needed a cigarette after this. Going Down – Freddie King 🎸🎶😉 #fridaymorning

Fridaaaay 🕺💫 Look at this handsome little cutie 😍 growing so fast 🥹 #fridaymorning #plants.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Kate 🧃commissions open ✨,Kate 🧃commissions open ✨ on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

@SantRampalJLive #GodMorningFriday
With true way of worship one attains the everlasting salvation. – Supreme Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
Visit Satlok Ashram YouTube channel #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Mohan,Mohan on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Thanks to @Norton_Park & Malky for gifting a #coffee this #fridaymorning ! When your eyes look this tired! you need it 😂🤣😎🤙🤓👍👉☕️☕️.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Into Work,Into Work on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Thought for the Day, June 17, 2022, Pastor Steven. Central #fridaymorning.

Weaknesses are just strengths in the wrong environment.”
— Marianne Cantwell #quotes #fridaymorning.

Before we leave for the weekend, we would like to share with you this photo for our team at office today. Happy weekend to all! #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Global Travel Engine,Global Travel Engine on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Proud of their first, produce pick and pop up sale to parents. All sold out and looking forward to next weeks. #fridaymorning #FridayFeeling 🌞.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by MiniHorts,MiniHorts on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Street photography is so much fun, any of my photographer friends got any they’d like to share? 👀 #photography #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by brink shot it.,brink shot it. on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

The right ones do not leave they always find a reason to stay😊 #fridaymorning #FridayFeeling.

आप अपने जीवन के कलाकार हैं। पेंट ब्रश किसी और के हाथ में न दें।।
#FridayFeeling #fridaymorning 😊💐.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Dr. Rinju Rai,Dr. Rinju Rai on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

#GodMorningFriday Supreme God Kabir appears whenever He wishes; He never takes birth from a mother because He is the Originator of all. He is the liberator of the world
– Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj #fridaymorning.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Ashok pahwa😎,Ashok pahwa😎 on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Between the hours of 5AM and 12PM, we have the Decade Breakfast, 🧁🍫 playing you a wide variety of tunes from the 50’s to the present day, to help you wake up in the morning.
#fridaymorning #BreakfastDaily.

If you live long enough as a virgin, you live a life of revived crushes. #fridaymorning.

Let go of the past, I know it not easy but try harder today and focus on your present to bring out the best in you… #fridaymorning.

हर दिल में दर्द होता है। केवल अभिव्यक्ति का तरीका अलग अलग होता है
#GoodMorningTwitterWorld #fridaymorning.

#कबीरसाहेब_की_पहचान गरीब, सौ छल छिद्र मैं करूं, अपने जन के काज। हिरणाकुश ज्यूं मार हूँ, नरसिंघ धरहूँ साज।। #fridaymorning -Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Darshan Singh,Darshan Singh on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

Almighty God kabir garibdas ji after recognising the god who has appeared in Kashi expressed his glory in his speech.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Manika Saini,Manika Saini on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo

The cat turned the whole show into comedy. #caturday #fridaymorning.

Look at her lovely little face 😍😻
#fridaymorning Moo❣️.

#fridaymorning Photo,#fridaymorning Photo by Sara Jane Potter (Writer),Sara Jane Potter (Writer) on twitter tweets #fridaymorning Photo


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