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When an anti- Assange, Union Buster who is in bed w/Billionaire Clinton Donors calls u a “fake progressive” that’s a “win”. @cenkuygur lost all his progressive cred when he sided w/politicians over healthcare activists during #Forcethevote – he thinks this will help. It won’t..

Cleansing your timeline with Rico eating some corn 🔈🔈 Cred: @CincinnatiZoo.

Det är Yeyo som ska ha all cred, utan honom hade jag inte ramlat ner i detta kaninhål och förkovrat mig om kusinäktenskap. Men kampen är inte över – förslagen för att hindra, försvåra och förbjuda förekomsten av fenomenet måste vara gedigna och effektfulla..

LMAO cred books us a table at a hookah lounge and hits me with “yo when u get here the reservation is under [redacted] it’s the larp white person name i use” bruh it’s hentai avenger’s real first name 💀.

1)Let’s set the record straight on some #beaglemisconceptions. While there is no question that some Borders could probably pass the SAT, beagles are more the classic “teacher movie” student character that knows the answers full well, but they have an image and cred to maintain.😂.

@GarySutheran @FabrizioRomano Mate, I would give the man who stands to inherit £17m of the deal more cred then Joyce of Sky 😂 He will have been kept up to date with all negotiations due to it impactinmg his club, he is not posting that unless a deal is agreed. Only a matter of time bud..

@redpillcanadian @RebelNewsOnline Bang on (so to speak…) The ridiculous vaccine mandate was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There are so many other issues – wokism, lack of decent equipment, morale… I pity those still there. Our military is a farce, due to govt inaction. Canada has no intl cred..

#CRED CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER:-1800-111-00111//9153-20-7846 Check 24/7 Toll-Free Numbers, Email, SMS.

Cred Photo,Cred Photo by ګل,ګل on twitter tweets Cred Photo

Are you a cred hunter?
In turkey you could have claimed 17 coaster creds in one park!!
Wonderland Eurasia was a massive park opened in 2019 but was closed within less than a year due to several reasons.
It now sadly sits SBNO…
What would it take to reopen its doors?.

Cred Photo,Cred Photo by Ticket To Thrills 🎢,Ticket To Thrills 🎢 on twitter tweets Cred Photo

@Eriluky20 De unde se descarcă, te rog? Nu știam de asta. Da, azi s-a petrecut. Poate că pare incredibil. După ce i-am zis că m-am autorecenzat și cred că totul e OK, el s-a dus să sune la ușa vecinilor. Așa s-a rezolvat..

Already establishing my Milwaukee cred before flying into town for next week’s AMS conference, @Mark_Baden 💁🏻‍♂️.

It’s been 4 post now and nobody is giving my photo cred. Y’all hate to show a nigga love.

@AncaPopaSQ Nu cred ca sunt atrase de baietii rai, de loc! Dar, de loc! Doar ca fetele vad numai partea buna din om, mai ales daca s-au indragostit in Si cum sunt renumite pentru graba lor, raman indragostite de iluzia De aceea, sfatuiti-i pe toti copiii SA NU SE GRABEASCA!🙏.

@TAEHYONCE_ knowing kev feige trusts & hired this man, he instantly loses all street cred im sorry. u care that much about ur lil universe but cant hire a writer whos involved w the material lmfao????.


Cred. So much money spent on Ads but real people their app is crap and rewards are just plain BS.

Check out our New #OutDaBoxTalks Interview with @cred_13 & @TheRouxOfficia1 about their thoughtful and richly produced New EP #HEIR, the themes, lyrics and production on the project and much more.

@UffYehLadka @CRED_club Bc my parents know my password isliye hamesha fatti padi rehti h.

@Ravisutanjani No idea about highest, when it comes to ads cred is currently doing too much in marketing..

I pay my bill of well over a lakh on @CRED_club. Payment fails and I’m still waiting on my refund. I’ve now paid my bill to avoid late charges. Out of pocket twice for the same amount. No phone line and customer care doesn’t bother responding. What is CRED’s value proposition?.

@cspanwj have totally ignored the #USSLiberty .. which was attacked/bombed by #Israel!
This attack happened June 8, 1967, Soldiers died., Shame on you/your “So called Historians” who select what they want to preserve as History. @cspan just lost all cred..

@BichosRj Magalu 5307 ,13 masc s/t 11k cred pessoal R$ 180 5305 ,67 Fem S/T 10k cred pessoal R$ 180.


1st Park of the trip, Not a bad park for few hours. Had 1 cred and saw the dolphin show. (@ Boudewijn Seapark in Sint-Michiels, West-Vlaanderen).

Cred Photo,Cred Photo by T,T on twitter tweets Cred Photo

@Itz1_roxy__yt NUSH DACA SA MAI CRED IN ACEST MOMENT 😭😭😭😭🥄🥄🥄🥄.

Saturdays were made for brunch on our patio. 🥂 Photo cred: Brian Dykstra.

Cred Photo,Cred Photo by Hall Street Bakery,Hall Street Bakery on twitter tweets Cred Photo

Saturdays were made for brunch on our patio. 🥂 Photo cred: Brian Dykstra.

Cred Photo,Cred Photo by Wealthy Street Bakery,Wealthy Street Bakery on twitter tweets Cred Photo

Cred raised funding, Cred is now trending.
At this pace Series Z will have Amitabh doing their advertisement..

@Outkick @ClayTravis They thought changing the team name was going to buy them cred with the woke crowd? Hahahahaha 🤣.

Next step to boost twitter street cred to the moon is an NFT profile pic. Any suggestions welcome. Preferably more affordable than @BoredApeYC @moonbirds.

PwC Partners With Decentralized Lending Platform to Provide Expertise in Stablecoin Launch . PwC will provide tech expertise to decentralized lending platform Cred in the launch of their USD-backed stablecoin..

@kunalb11 do you think cred as a product without your influence and stardom would have made this far ? Will cred have the same craze if @kunalb11 is not the CEO ? Can you run a pole on this just curious see the data..


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