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Formula 1
Formula 1

BREAKING: Charles Leclerc to receive a grid penalty following a new power unit element #CanadianGP #F1.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Formula 1,Formula 1 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Formula 1
Formula 1

The incident that ultimately decided the result last time out in 👀 #CanadianGP #F1.

Formula 1
Formula 1

The Canadian chase 😍 Latifi 🆚 Russell #CanadianGP #F1.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Formula 1,Formula 1 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

El Mercedes W13 preparado para el GP de Canadá. Mercedes W13 ready for the #CanadianGP.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Albert Fabrega,Albert Fabrega on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

💬 It’s fun to drive around this circuit, it’s old-school and very challenging. Our performance wasn’t where we wanted it to be, we’re quite a way off the pace to the front two teams. George, Lewis and Shov debrief #CanadianGP Friday 👇.

Charles did an installation lap and was asked if he wants to continue. He said no and pitted. Back in the garage. #CanadianGP #FP3.

A special race, a familiar place, one incredible feeling. 🇨🇦 Catch up with @lance_stroll ahead of the #CanadianGP. From his memories of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to his recommendation on where to try the best poutine and smoked meat around!.

There will be full analysis of the data gathered this weekend #CanadianGP.

Bonjour , Alors non seulement la pénalité de Leclerc est officiel mais de plus je rate les qualif ce soir ( bonus : il fait 40 degrés) La journée s’annonce parfaite 🤡 #F1 #CanadianGP.

Alonso qui reparle d’El Plan en story Insta, il sait des choses qu’on ne saurait pas?🤔 #F1 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Alpine F1 TEAM FAN FR 🇫🇷,Alpine F1 TEAM FAN FR 🇫🇷 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Llamativa pérdida de performance para el equipo @ScuderiaFerrari en las rectas. Incluso ante equipos menos potentes. Ok en sectores medios y lentos. #CanadianGP #telemetricof1.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Adrian Puente | Telemétrico F1,Adrian Puente | Telemétrico F1 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

#Video ¡NO! ¡CUIDADO! Insólito: una marmota se cruzó en plena práctica del #CanadianGP pero, afortunadamente, terminó a salvo..


Sarò fuso io, ma non capisco perché in Europa li fanno correre di giorno mentre in Canada di sera. Eh ma è tutto regolare via voi. #CanadianGP.

🟢 | le casque spécial « homerace » de Lance Stroll ! 🤩 vous validez ?! #F1 #CanadianGP.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Aston Martin F1 FR 🇫🇷,Aston Martin F1 FR 🇫🇷 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Lewis and Verstappen in the press conference today #CanadianGP.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Sir Lewis Updates,Sir Lewis Updates on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

📰 AlphaTauri has been fined €300 after Pierre Gasly was caught speeding in the pit lane during FP1. #CanadianGP 🇨🇦 #F1.

I woke up and watched Lewis’s video “This car is so bad” #F1 #CanadianGP.

📣 Yarışın yapılması zor mu? Turkish GP: 🇨🇦 #CanadianGP | #F1.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by F1 Haberler,F1 Haberler on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Araç gelişim tablosunda Ferrari en hızlı araç olarak görünüyor. #F1 | #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Formula Türkiye 🇹🇷,Formula Türkiye 🇹🇷 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Tiempo ganado/perdido con el desarrollo a lo largo de la temporada.
🟣 #F1 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by SoyMotor.com,SoyMotor.com on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Ferrari: Necesitamos dos burnouts, dos burnouts
Leclerc: ¿Qué pasa No puedo hacer burnouts
Ferrari: Eso es por el turbo
🟣 #F1 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by SoyMotor.com,SoyMotor.com on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Pierre Gasly recibió una reprimenda por haber ignorado el procedimiento indicado en las notas del Director de Carrera. #F1 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by MotorLat #CanadianGP 🇨🇦,MotorLat #CanadianGP 🇨🇦 on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

Análisis numérico de los entrenamientos libres del GP de Canadá #F1 #CanadianGP.

2/2 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦 (Fri): フリー走行/FP🎤
角田裕毅 @yukitsunoda07 「初めてのトラックを楽しみましたし、スムーズに適応できて満足しています。レースではもちろんポイントを獲得したいと思っていますので、もっとクルマの状態を良い状態に仕上げる必要があります」.

🚩 Les prévisions The Weather Channel pour ce week end #f1 #CanadianGP.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by LE RED FLAG,LE RED FLAG on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

👀 Williams ördeği için gerekli koşullar oluşuyor. #CanadianGP.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Play Spor,Play Spor on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

🌧 Gilles-Villeneuve pisti yağmura teslim oldu. #CanadianGP.

#CanadianGP Photo,#CanadianGP Photo by Kısa Paslar,Kısa Paslar on twitter tweets #CanadianGP Photo

F1: Die Pitlane ist aktuell eher eine Swimlane 🌊😲 #CanadianGP🇨🇦.

Schon fünf Minuten rum und beide Ferrari fahren noch im Training.
Impressive. #Formel1 #CanadianGP.

Lewis Hamilton reed in VT1 met een vloer die flink onder handen was genomen, maar het experiment met de uitsnede lijkt niet het gewenste effect te hebben gehad #F1 #CanadianGP.


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