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Ben Affleck will return as Bruce Wayne in ‘Aquaman 2,’ confirms Jason Momoa on Instagram.

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In 1982, Bruce Sutter forfeited $75,000 in salary when he refused to be vaccinated for Pac-Man Fever, opting instead to rely upon his body’s natural immunity..

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Bruce Campbell surprised our “Comics Are Fun For Everyone” panel at #SDCC with additional details on the new action-packed and horrifying miniseries, SGT. ROCK VS. THE ARMY OF THE DEAD! The first issue debuts this fall..

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Colts will celebrate 10 years of #Chuckstrong on Thursday at the team facility, with both Chuck Pagano and Bruce Arians on hand. Since 2012, Chuckstrong has raised more than $10 million for research for the IU Simon Cancer Center..


All buzz, no barf 🤣 Bruce breaks down the benefits of being a Hulk in a new clip for #SheHulk.

Eastman initially told some Trump campaign advisers he was working for free, but also had an arrangement to be paid through another lawyer, Bruce Marks. That appears not to have happened, and he then billed the campaign, but is said to have not been paid.

Monday, July 30, 1984: Detroit, MI, Joe Louis Arena, photo(Bruce was able to slide safely into home for another run scored in the season of the local Tigers who would win the World Series in October 🎸🐯🐅⚾️🧢👑).

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@Mosqueter4 Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive…..vinga que ja et queda poquet! ☺️.

Waiting sucks in the meantime enjoy this art. #princessmononoke.

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Why does Bruce Wayne’s house give the same vibes as the Cullen’s house from twilight??.

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@goombooo @Mediavenir Bosser moins = vivre plus, polluer moins et consommer moins mais bon on t’a jamais demandé de réfléchir à ce que je vois.

@james_hockey61 @AB84 Listen! Don’t turn against Kanye! He helped u when Bruce did U
Wrong! I’m
Happy for you! U all work together!💕.

07-25-2022 09:05:01 #BlastTalkRadio 🔊 JMediaFM – Richie Love Interview By Bruce Jackson.

Why do some billionaires like chaos? I realize some are doing good with their money (gates, Bloomberg) but it seems like the majority enjoy doing what they can to destroy the world. We need Bruce Wayne!.

@Paulkaz12 @bruce_haigh Barilaro broke up his marriage. He caused and us causing all his personal and “professional” problems. Why blame the woman? Typical patriarchal attitude..

@yoyo_bruce в том то и дело, что в жизни всё стало +/- хорошо, а проблема не решается.

I know now what to do. I’ll take all this all this blackness. Put it all in a bullet and put it right— between— Bruce’s— eyes—..

@yoyo_bruce да последние годы всё относительно ок было, насколько может быть у современного человека. не могу себя назвать паникёршей, это отдельный случай, от которого я мучаюсь всю жизнь. неврологи говорят зарядку делать, дышать свежим воздухом и меньше сидеть в телефоне/компьютере)0)).

📷 On July 25th 2002 George Bruce, the Scottish poet, broadcaster and critic, died at the age of 93. George was eldest son of Henry George Bruce, the owner of a firm of herring curers, and his wife Jeannie Roberta Gray, daughter of a.

@SetLustingBruce Ticket prices were never listed before tickets went on sale. Total lack of transparency. First tour since 1981 that I won’t be attending. Bruce wanted to charge elitist Broadway prices to those of us who live no where near NYC..

@FoxNews Bruce Springsteen was going to the leave American and live in Australia boy am I glad that did not happen..

@THCUNNAMCD Le alegró que lo primero que le dijera es que sí le escondería. Le ofreció la manita para estrechársela como cualquier otro adulto. ㅤ—Me llamo Bruce Wayne. —Si ella era su novia, entonces seguro que Gordon le había contado que lo había conocido la noche en la que ».

@bruce_haigh not 1 bit- he just got big payout from Google, His must of got a stack after resigning .His Kids got 6 figure salary working with other lib MPs .He got new Girlfriend. Living the Dream.


@AdamMancini4 I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Bruce Lee.

All classic music hits rock pop latino #np BRUCE SPRINGSTEE [1FHd] – ALL OR NOTHIN AT ALL on.


⭐️ Descubre las misteriosas circunstancias que rodearon la muerte de Bruce Lee, el artista marcial más influyente de todos los tiempos.

@PROFUGUSBAT Asintió, centrado en acariciar al animal. Le relajaba un poco, aunque no se fiase del todo. La hiena bostezó entonces y Bruce apartó la mano, pero cuando cerró las fauces la volvió a acariciar con cautela. ㅤ—¿Ha dicho antes que es biólogo? Tiene que ser muy interesante..

Interesting look at Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing,” and how some Springsteen fans think they got burned..

@belliebannati Io non intendevo che è colpa di Bruce Springsteen, lo si fa passare come cantante popolare a favore dei poveri ma ai suoi concerti i poveri non possono.


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