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Dude, I’m c-list. You think I have Brad Pitt “buying comb” money? I’m a ham & egger!.

Je suis hyper fier de vous annoncer la sortie du Vidéo Club de Brad Pitt, qui est non seulement l’un des mecs les plus cools que j’ai pu avoir en interview mais aussi un passionné de cinéma. Et ça se passe par ici 🍿.

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Get Your Ticket for High-Speed Action. Join Momomon at AMC Theatres and experience the non-stop thrill ride, #BULLETTRAINMovie starring Brad Pitt, and directed by David Leitch..


You never know who you might run into at the movies! 😆 See Momomon in action this weekend alongside Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King and more in #BulletTrainMovie! 🎟️➡️.


Uno de mis sueños es entrevistar a Brad Pitt, no me tocó ahora para #BulletTrain pero espero un día tener la oportunidad, me parece alguien inmensamente inteligente..


Post de apreciación de Brad Pitt y el siempre legendario David Bowie. 😌👌 Échenle: díganos su peli favorita de Brad y su rola infaltable de Bowie. 📽🎧 #DavidBowie #BradPitt.

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Brad Pitt makes rare comment about daughter Shiloh he shares with ex Angelina Jolie.

There’s a universe where #BulletTrain works — lean harder into the gaudy, neon-pop anime aesthetic, ditch the too-clever character work, and add some honest-to-God jokes into the mix..

The articles I found discussing it were badly written and choked by ads, but I was nevertheless moved by learning that Will Arnett helped Bradley Cooper get sober who then helped Brad Pitt get sober..

My top ten Brad Pitt performances: 1. ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES…
4. Soderbergh’s OCEAN’S movies
5. SE7EN

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@wlawrence01 Totally agree. People talk about a Brad Pitt film or a Scorsese movie but none of it could have happened without an idea and a script. #amwriting #screenwriting.

ロサンゼルスで開催された新作映画 『ブレット・トレイン』のワールドプレミアに登場したブラッド・ピットのファッションセンスが注目の的に!.

Egodan yürüyemeyen, sosyeteymiş gibi davranan, Brad Pitt’i bile beğenmeyen kızın gün sonunda sevgili olduğu çocuk;.

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O Tempo
O Tempo

Brad Pitt revela que só ficou sóbrio após o divórcio de Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt vuelve con Tren bala, una comedia de acción plagada de efectos especiales y estrellas. ✍️ Hugo Sánchez |.

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What if I told you I like to imagine Brad Pitt hanging out with me in cute little outfits everywhere I go? Because that is Fight Club.

#DuyBeni ben de yüzme bilmiyorum ve asla birinin beni bu sekilde suya atmasını istemezdim Brad Pitt olsa bile.

@russkialman Wird der von Brad Pitt gespielt wir haben uns doch im Discord darüber unterhalten oder wurde der von Peter Jackson gedreht irgendwie sowas.

Drove by Brad Pitt’s new $40 million mansion in Carmel Highlands..

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3 años atrás estrenó “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Fue escrita y dirigida por Quentin Tarantino, protagonizada por Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt y Margot Robbie. Obtuvo 10 candidaturas al Óscar, ganó Mejor Actor de Reparto (Pitt) y Diseño de Producción. Recaudó $374 millones..

Brad Pitt Photo,Brad Pitt Photo by 🎧Alonso Villarreal.,🎧Alonso Villarreal. on twitter tweets Brad Pitt Photo

@senorcucho Ich stelle mir dich im RL wenn du Zeit für Twitter hast immer so vor wie Brad Pitt auf der Couch in True Romance ^^.

Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry, and Aaron Taylor Johnson talk #BulletTrain, travel etiquette, and Brad Pitt’s history of shirtless on-camera moments..

Amos a ver Elizabeth, tú pedistes a Brad Pitt, te han traído a Cañita Brava, no te preocupes, suele pasar #Firstdates4A.

Bullet Train is class. Brad Pitt in his most mad fun element. Best I have watched since Knives Out..

A masterclass of cool: #BulletTrain star Brian Tyree Henry on playing opposite of Brad Pitt in their new action comedy..


Brad Pitt on a bullet train. You get it. That’s the point. #BulletTrain.

The most common photograph that I see behind a chair in a barbershop is of Brad Pitt. Watch the full breakdown here:.

Brad Pitt solo me parecería guapo y sexy si nos escribiéramos y no cometiera ni una sola falta de ortografía y usara palabras cultas de vez en cuando. No demasiado, las justas para no ser un pedante insoportable, claro..

@_funnybastard A mi me entusiasmó caleta el trailer, pero mi mente aún tiene a Brad Pitt en la mente😋.


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