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#AutisticPrideDay Thank you to all the weird readers who have made ‘Letters to My Weird Sisters’ first year in the world so rewarding. It’s out in pb next month in the UK..

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Today is Autistic Pride Day – a time for autistic people to celebrate their neurodiversity and differences. No pressure to educate or raise awareness – this is a day to simply be yourself if you are an autistic person! #AutisticPrideDay.

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Today is #AutisticPrideDay! Founded and led by people with autism, today is about being proud in who you are and celebrating differences To find out more and see what events are happening near you, visit.

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Today is autistic pride day! I am proud of being autistic and queer. I am proud that I am different and can see the world from a unique perspective. I am proud of my special interests and I am proud of how far I have come despite all of the systemic barriers. #AutisticPrideDay.

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“Autism is like a rainbow 🌈
It has a bright side & a darker side. But remember that every shade is important and beautiful.”
(Rosie Tennant Doran)
#AutismAwareness #AutisticPrideDay.

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ARISE+ by @techmahindracsr works for children with disabilities. One of their partner @astha_india has helped many children such as Laxmi get early intervention & education towards Autism.
This #AutisticPrideDay, we celebrate Laxmi & others who inspire us with their resilience!.

Today is #AutisticPrideDay 🌈 Take a moment to look at these powerful portraits of women with autism and to read their experiences of living in a neurotypical society. Images by @RosieBarnesFoto.

Happy #AutisticPrideDay everyone! You can see my post celebrating this day with #WAIWAV process pics on Instagram.

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Happy #AutisticPrideDay from all the @getmebetter team.
We will always work with you and for you @LeedsHospitals.

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一人ひとりの力と誇り・相互承認に繋がるような社会に近づけばいいなと思いますし、私も一NPOの代表として尽力したいと感じます #AutisticPrideDay はその名の通り、当事者の誇り・アイデンティティを祝う日ですが、.

@Lilly_Jade_ @maplescribe #ActuallyAutistic #AutisticPrideDay.

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Today is #AutisticPrideDay, where we raise awareness of the similarities and uniqueness of autism. JAM Card allows people with #hiddendisabilities or communication barriers to ask for patience and time, which is important for those who do not have an obvious disability..

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Happy #AutisticPrideDay Take time to watch a film I made about the struggles and joys of my experience of autism It also has stunning scenery and Lord of the Rings locations of New Zealand.

Love this club. And a strong, important message 💪🏻 #AutisticPrideDay.

Es ist #AutisticPrideDay und bin sehr froh zu sagen, dass wir (andere neurodiverse Menschen und yours truly) in Berlin für 2. arbeiten :). Bald wir was kommen, abrazos para todas las personas neurodiversas por aqui!.

Happy #AutisticPrideDay ! All of Katherine Highland’s autism books are free on Kindle today and tomorrow. Fiction and nonfiction.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 set, #OwnVoices with multiple autistic and other divergent characters. Nonfiction is honest, upbeat but real. ✨📚✨.

গর্বের অটিস্টিক দিবস

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Let us accept and celebrate the infinite possibilities that lie within the uniqueness of each individual. Make sure to spread love, kindness and joy around on this special day!

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I have lived through so many social gaffes that have me hard on myself Yet I’ve also had great friendships, and today I’m particularly appreciating autistic friends who do make me proud Wishing them a happy #AutisticPrideDay.

Apparently it’s #AutisticPrideDay. I have a kind of Venn diagram of ADHD and Autustic traits, a mix of formally and informally diagnosed. As hard as having those traits is some days, they make me completely, uniquely me (aka awesome) and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Happy #AutisticPrideDay! It’s taken a long time, but I am proud of who I am.
Where I’m going.
The family I’ve made.
All of my accomplishments. (Which sometimes means just getting through the day. I’ve got through many days my nervous system told me I never would.).

@AupeerCIC “You do you” – so valuable to share that message 🥰 your happiness is infectious and radiating out of your video ☺️ happy #AutisticPrideDay #stimmingisjoy.

Bonne journée de la fierté autiste à tous·tes les concerné·es 🥳
#AutisticPrideDay #JournéeDeLaFiertéAutiste.

Happy Autistic Pride Day! Today we celebrate inclusion, acceptance, and recognise the varied experiences in the autistic community. Today is a special day as it is primarily driven by members of the autistic community 💛 #autisticprideday.

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This day an opportunity to raise awareness among people about Autism Spectrum Disorder so that they do not see autistic people as disadvantaged but simply as unique individuals. #AutisticPrideDay Android: iOS: #autism.

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Today is #AutisticPrideDay 🏳️‍🌈 Autistic Pride Day was started in 2005 by online community Aspies for Freedom (AFF) to celebrate autistic ways of being and to encourage autistic people to connect, embrace their identities and to amplify their voices..

It is #AutisticPrideDay ~
As an autistic artist, nearly 90% of my OCs are autistic or neurodivergent. Here as just a few of my characters who are autistic. Trust me, I have plenty more autistic and neurodivergent OCs..

#AutisticPrideDay Photo,#AutisticPrideDay Photo by 🦇✨Artistgem✨🦇 Comms open!~,🦇✨Artistgem✨🦇 Comms open!~ on twitter tweets #AutisticPrideDay Photo

Happy Autistic Pride Day! Wishing all autistic people a wonderful #AutisticPrideDay, from all of us at Ambitious about Autism. We believe every autistic child and young person has the right to be themselves and be proud of who they are. Tell us how you are celebrating!.

#AutisticPrideDay Photo,#AutisticPrideDay Photo by AmbitiousAboutAutism,AmbitiousAboutAutism on twitter tweets #AutisticPrideDay Photo

We’re celebrating Autistic Pride Day with our incredible Relaxed Performance of Aladdin 🧞
For more information on what to expect from our Relaxed Performances, follow the link: #AutisticPrideDay.

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Happy #AutisticPrideDay! 🌈 People should always feel safe to be their authentic selves and live a life that is meaningful for them, not just during #PrideMonth but all year round..

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