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Afghanistan earthquake death toll surpasses 1,000 Read @ANI Story | #AfghanistanEarthquake #Afghanistan.

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by ANI Digital,ANI Digital on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo


The loss of valuable lives as a result of the earthquake in Afghanistan has been lamented by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. In this trying moment, we are with our Afghan brothers and sisters.

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by PML(N),PML(N) on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo

At least 1,000 dead, 1,500 injured after earthquake rattles Afghanistan #AfghanistanEarthquake.

Actualización #earthquake #AfghanistanEarthquake Ya se cuentan más de Mil personas muertas en el terremoto en Afganistán 💔.

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by 💃 Tza Tzá,💃 Tza Tzá on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo

भूकंप से थर्राया अफगानिस्तान भूकंप से 950 लोगों की मौत 600 लोगों के घायल होने की खबर अफगानिस्तान में क्या है स्थिति ? देखिए इस वीडियो में #Afghanistan | #AfghanistanEarthquake.

غم که له غمه شرمېدلي! پر ما به نه راتلل جوړه جوړه غمونه.
#AfghanistanEarthquake #Paktika.

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by υмαя Ayan,υмαя Ayan on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo

A deadly earthquake has killed over than 1000 people in eastern Afghanistan, official media said Wednesday, adding that more than 600 people were also wounded.
Afghan officials said the death toll could rise further without urgent emergency assistance.

Aid leaves Kabul for those affected by the #AfghanistanEarthquake. Read more here: 📷 Afghan Red Crescent Society via Storyful.

وايي د ګنجي سر نه لوټه نه خطا کيژي. بيګه شپې مې په پنډۍ کې د زمکلړزې (زلزلې) خبر واورېد نو ما ويل ښه شوه چې پنجاب خو هم څه تاوان وليد.
سحر خبر شوم چې تباهي خو افغانستان کې جوړه ده 😥

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by Faheem Marwat,Faheem Marwat on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo

افغانستان میں آئے شدید زلزلہ سے ہونے والی ہولناک تباہی اور سینکڑوں افراد کے جاں بحق ہونے کا سن کر بہت دکھ ہوا۔ ہماری تمام ہمدردیاں غمزدہ خاندانوں کے ساتھ ہیں۔ #earthquake #AfghanistanEarthquake.

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by HRCP.official,HRCP.official on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo

UPDATE on Afghan earthquake: 1,000 people killed and 1,500 wounded, official says #AfghanistanEarthquake.

When I hear about earthquakes, I always remember how the locals were so helpful when I was in the Bam earthquake (despite suffering tremendous losses themselves) as well as the international rescue teams who flew in from abroad #AfghanistanEarthquake.

ګران وطن افغانستان کشي د زلزلي له امله د شهیدانو شمیر تر زر کسانو ورسید او په زرګونو کسان ټپیان دي 😭😭😭

#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo,#AfghanistanEarthquake Photo by Ijaz Shah,Ijaz Shah on twitter tweets #AfghanistanEarthquake Photo

Why isn’t this getting more attention? #AfghanistanEarthquake #Afghanistan.

At least a thousand dead and hundreds injured in a earthquake in #Paktika

که زلـزله او کـــه سېـــلاب راځي
په ما راځي چې هر عذاب راځي

Afghanistan quake kills 1,000 people, deadliest in decades #afghanistanearthquake.


Başınız sağolsun Afganistan
en az 1000 ölü😔
#AfghanistanEarthquake Başın sağolsun Türkiye!!!
1000 polis sivil ölü oldu.


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