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Overturning Roe and outlawing abortions will never make them go away. It only makes them more dangerous, especially for the poor + marginalized. People will die because of this decision. And we will never stop until abortion rights are restored in the United States of America..


So let me get this straight. A state has the right to restrict abortions, but doesn’t have the right to restrict firearms? Is that what we have now in these “United” States?.

Reminders: — Safe abortions will still be sought and had by conservative white women and privately encouraged by conservative white men — Unsafe abortions will still be sought by desperate marginalized people with horrific consequences, leading to needless death and suffering.

@MSB_Esq @MayraFlores2022 In 2019 there was 630,000 abortions in America. Grow up Mark..

@michaeljknowles @JeffClarkUS Lol. Trump is probably responsible for a dozen abortions of his mistresses and prostitutes..

@tribelaw can the President give a pardon to anyone who provides, receives, or aids in abortions? If so, can that include any monetary repercussions associated?.

@senbetsyjohnson Hard to believe you on this or any issue. Where are you on late term abortions? How will you stand up to far right extremists who are funding your crooked campaign since we know they are celebrating this dreadful decision by corrupt @USSupremeCourt? #BooBetsy.

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I can’t process anything today. I just can’t function. I left a communist nation because women were dying in droves due to illegal abortions. I can’t take another day of being a woman in this world. I can’t take being controlled by men. I can’t. #RoeVWade #SCOTUS.

@thescottbravo Yes, by all means if banning abortions makes a state go broke, you can come back to this thread and gleefully rub it in my face. This is a completely irrational and illogical thing that will never happen..

Abortion bans and restrictions will not stop abortions. They make them unsafe and deathly for the women. If these pro-birth people really care about the fetus they would make health care and education affordable and not let their kids die in schools..

@keyon yes, but i live in OHIO😣& Nan is the only hope we have for legalized abortions.

@DonaldJTrumpJr Lol! I think it’s funny that MAGAts believe your dad and you never paid for abortions..

Don’t fall into the bed of lies the Demoncrats want you to believe. Abortions are not illegal in 40+ states. Each state has set their own guidelines. Demoncrats believe you can terminate a pregnancy the same day they’re born. That’s murder!.

Red states that are now going to ban abortions does not stop abortions. It stops safe abortions.

@LJosephDeva1 @Mike_Pence Yeah, another stupid comment, their are other reasons for abortions other then to use as birth control. Educate yourself, think outside of your little box..

@Jamiemlong Scott Jensen in MPR interview on Mar. 18, ‘22: “I would try to ban abortion…There is no reason for us to be having abortions going on.”
When asked: “No exceptions for rape or incest?”
“Not unless a mother’s life is in danger.”.

To everyone with 🇺🇦 emojis in your profile, you should probably take it off since they only allow unrestricted abortions up to 12 weeks..

@Im_Raechu Just sad that people from my side of the country are forced to either have unsafe abortions or travel cross country for.

@StevenMKestner @MissMariapants Oooh so wait ur saying some women wanna CHOOSE to say no to abortions? Interesting. 😳.

Kentucky has a trigger law that goes into effect today that essentially bans abortions in the state..

Banning abortion doesn’t make abortions just go away. It simply makes safe abortions impossible to obtain. Truly ashamed to be American..

Vaksinated liberals should be more worried about the non-consensual abortions that continue to be performed without their consent by the COVID jabs. If the science reporting ovary inundation and male infertility stand, they need not worry about abortion rights at all..

@TimRunsHisMouth You are right and maybe I don’t have to pay for people getting abortions like all taxpayers have to.

@SarahJacksonUT @DrKarlynB The justification for masks and vaccines is that your choices can potentially affect others. With abortions there’s just 2-3 parties involved but at least 1 guaranteed death. That’s why they have to unperson the unborn so badly. Like how they argued against personhood for slaves..

Let’s see how many of the men who have selfishly encouraged and benefited from abortions speak up now…..

They outlawed safe abortions for the most marginalized in our society. The wealthiest men will still have access to safe abortions for their mistresses.

@nikkicatha_ I’ve deleted 2 people alreaddyyy. I remember I use to be sooo against abortions until I actually read several stories about rape/incest victims and unavoidable miscarried pregnancies. It’s so scary.

@Gonk_TheWise @KindaFunnyVids And if the pregnancy is a risk to the mothers life? It’s their responsibility and their choice. By making all abortions illegal you are taking away all nuance and taking away someone else’s ability to choose. You may not agree with them but that’s not your call..

Ohio better not ban abortions because if they do and the situation arises where I need one and can’t get one, I will kill myself 😗✌️.


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