Horoscope 24 February: The transit of Mars and Rahu in Taurus, Gemini and Leo will remain a bit disturbed, know the condition of other zodiac signs

Place of planetsThe transit of Mars and Rahu is occurring in Taurus. The moon has reached the zodiac signal of Most cancers. Ketu is in Scorpio zodiac. Mercury, Guru and Saturn are in Capricorn. Solar and Venus transits in Aquarius. Is medium pace. Mars being contaminated is a bit messy.

There’s a have to deal with well being. You might fall prey to just a little Tu-Tu in the home. Love, enterprise goes nicely with you. Can think about land, constructing, car buy. Donate the black object.

TaurusDon’t take any bodily danger. Accidents can happen. Muscle or blood associated issues might happen. listen. On the enterprise stage, may brings shade. The state of affection goes nicely. Donate a pink merchandise

Gemini-Will likely be troubled by extra of expenditure. There could also be some well being issues akin to eye and head issues. Love is sweet Commerce will even proceed to go nicely. Donate a pink merchandise Worship Bajrang Bali

Most cancers-Vitality is being transmitted. Bodily situation is sweet. The thoughts is clustered. Is calm and wholesome. What is required is availability. Love and enterprise will run at a reasonable tempo. Carry on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Lion-The thoughts shall be just a little confused. Will likely be upset with bills Psychological shall be just a little afraid. The remaining is ok, love is reasonable. Your enterprise goes nicely. Worship Lord Shiva.

Kanya-Stopped cash shall be returned. The financial state of affairs shall be robust. Well being, love, enterprise will all go nicely. Donate a pink merchandise

Libra-There shall be cooperation from the ruling celebration. Excessive officers shall be blissful. Enemies will prevail. Well being is nearly fantastic. Love and enterprise are going nicely. Donate a pink merchandise

ScorpioLuck will assist you Livelihood will progress however employment must be taken care of. Love can be reasonable. Hold the pink merchandise close by. Worship Bajrang Bali

SagittariusAccidents can happen. Can get into some bother. Barely cross over. Love is medium Well being is reasonable. Enterprise is nearly fantastic. Hold the pink object close by. Worship the Bajrang Bali.

Capricorn-There shall be love in life. New relations will arrive. Lover-girlfriend will meet. Will profit from the enterprise stage. Well being, love, enterprise is ok. going good. Worship Lord Shiva.

Aquarius-There shall be esoteric information. Enemies will prevail. Love, enterprise, well being are all going nicely. There shall be little disturbing about well being, however there is no such thing as a drawback. Worship Lord Shiva.

PiscesWill stay emotional however it’s a good time to learn and write. In love, you might fall prey to me. Well being is reasonable. Proper from a enterprise perspective. Worship Lord Shiva.

Ajay Kumar Singh


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