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The skills to write on your resume depend on the vacancy you are interested in, your competence, and the industry you feel like working in. However, there are achievements that business owners will always need. According to LinkedIn, there is a list of the best hard (technical) and soft (universal) skills below that business owners are searching for in 2021.

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    Applying for resume writing help, you get helped with writing down your skills and competences so you could get to work you were dreaming of. Among 5 soft skills are: 

  • Creativity. If you look at problems from different perspectives and find unique solutions, you will always have an edge.
  • Capacity to persuade. It’s great when there are quality items or services. But if you know how to attract interest to them, then there will really be a good result.
  • Teamwork skills. It is of utmost importance to have teamwork skills. Be able to listen, support, accept proposals and express your opinion constructively for a good cause of the overall result.
  • Adaptibility. Technology and processes are changing rapidly. It is essential to keep up with this process and adapt to innovations.
  • High level of time management. It is of great significance to distribute what you do in such a way as to appreciate the set deadlines and get the work done within the set time frame.

    Speaking of 5 hard skills, those are:

  • Cloud computing. Since many companies now use cloud storage, there is a good demand for specialists in this field.
  • Artificial Intelligence. If you have knowledge/experience in computational mathematics, cybernetics, machine learning, then you can definitely find a job. The industry is quite narrow, but promising.
  • Analytical foundation. Very useful in companies where you need to work with large amounts of information. Analysis, forecasting, modeling situations, the ability to take into account the influence of various factors and assess the situation, will help bring the project and the company to a new level.
  • Personnel Management. Managing people is not about “do as I say,” but about the ability to manage a team and processes within it. A favorable working atmosphere has a good influence on the company’s performance.
  • UX Design. With the development of computer technology, this is one of the main ways to interact with users. The more we develop, the more valuable this skill becomes.


Where the skills section goes depends on which resume format you choose. When deciding where to place this section, use the following information. There are 4 types of resume design with different order of sections in the document: 

  • Reverse chronology format;
  • Functional format;
  • Combined format; 
  • Targeted format.

Below we have provided a brief description of where your skills will be in each of the formats. 

  • On a functional resume, your achievements will be first after the contact information and the About Me section if you add it. Most significantly here is to list as many of your pertinent skills as possible and the way you put them in practice on the previous place of work. 
  • In a chronological resume, acknowledged expertise comes to the fore, but skills fade into the background after them. 
  • The combined type of resume combines the previous two: functional and chronological. You describe your achievements, and below them the places of work where you received this experience. 
  • On a targeted resume, you only make a list of the skills that are directly fit in your chosen job. You may post them before or after acknowledged expertise. And all other skills may be optionally put into the appropriate section “Additional skills”.
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