BJP demands Congress’s apology after Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam reacts to ‘bogus’ claim on Sengol

Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ok Annamalai has hit out on the Congress after Thiruvavaduthurai Aadeenam Ambalavana Desika Paramacharya Swami claimed that Lord Mountbatten had given the Sengol, which will be presented to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, to India’s first top minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947.

The Sengol or sceptre will be installed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the new Parliament building on Sunday,
The Sengol or sceptre can be put in through Prime Minister Narendra Modi within the new Parliament development on Sunday,

Reacting to the Congress’s allegation that there is not any documented proof of Mountbatten, Rajaji and Nehru describing this sceptre as an emblem of the switch of British energy to India, Ambalavana Desika Paramacharya Swami on Friday stated the Sengol that was once clear of the gaze of other folks would now be prominently displayed in Parliament for the sector to see. To a query through journalists in Chennai on any evidence for the handover of the Sengol, the pontiff stated there have been proof together with pictures and experiences that gave the impression in newspapers and magazines in 1947.

Congress chief Jairam Ramesh had claimed that there is “no documented evidence by any means of Mountbatten, Rajaji & Nehru describing this sceptre as an emblem of switch of British energy to India. All claims to this impact are undeniable and easy — BOGUS.”

“Wholly and completely manufactured in the minds of a few and dispersed into WhatsApp, and now to the drum-beaters in the media,” he alleged.

Annamalai alleged that what Ramesh did was once take political discourse to a base stage which best the Congress can do. It’s a recorded historical past. There is a jewelry store in Chennai which made the Sengol, he claimed.

Annamalai additionally demanded an apology from the Congress for disrespecting the Sanatana Dharma.

“The Adheenam has spoken in the true spirit of what exactly happened in 1947. The Congress has to clarify why Sengol was marked as a walking stick in the museum. They must apologise to the Tamil Nadu people for disrespecting the Sanatana Dharma rather than getting into why Lord Mountbatten’s picture was not there. This is taking politics to a stupid level,” the Tamil Nadu BJP leader stated amid the row.

“After The Thiruvavaduthurai Aadeenam’s press conference, there is no need to clarify further… We Tamilians are extremely happy that the PM has chosen Sengol with Tamil inscriptions, Sengol will be placed next to the speaker in Parliament,” Annamalai added.

The sceptre ‘Sengol’ can be offered to Prime Minister Narendra Modi all over the inauguration of the brand new Parliament development on May 28 through the 293rd head priest of Madurai Aadheenam.

Modi will have to go back as PM in 2024: Madurai Adheenam priest

Sri Harihara Desika Swamigal, head priest of Madurai Adheenam who can be presenting the Sengol to Modi, stated the latter will have to go back because the PM in 2024.

Sri Harihara Desika Swamigal stated Modi has were given international appreciation and everybody within the nation is pleased with him.

Vummidi Sudhakar, chairman of Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers which made ancient sceptre Sengol, stated, “We are the makers of the ‘Sengol’. It took us a month’s time to make it. It is made of silver and gold plated. I was 14 years at that time…we are grateful to PM Modi.”


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